What is The Valorant Battlepass

What is The Valorant Battlepass

The developers of Valorant have recently come up with a unique way of rewarding players that spend time in the game with specialized cosmetic items that can be used by players for customizing their gameplay. Such rewards are made available to players by the Valorant Battlepass which is particularly important because all modern-day games offer some kinds of rewards to their loyal players.

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Before using the Valorant Battlepass, it is incumbent upon players to know about it in detail. Let’s, therefore, delve into what the Valorant Battlepass is.

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Highlights Of The Valorant Battlepass

The Valorant Battlepass is all about earning in-game XP, completing the contracts, and getting rewarded for doing so. Here are some of its highlights

  • Players can enjoy the rewards featured by the Battlepass even without opting for its paid premium version;
  • There is no pay to win and the premium version of Battlepass only contains more cosmetic rewards without having any effect on the overall gameplay. The premium Battlepass costs around £9.99;
  • All experience earned in the game is added to the Battlepass and the Agent contracts;
  • The game focuses on the quality of rewards instead of quantity.

The Valorant Battlepass Tiers And Acts

The Battlepass consists of various tiers and as players earn XP in the game, they get different skins, Titles, Gun Buddies, Title Cards, and Radianite Points. Such Radianite points can then be used for upgrading the appearance of some skins. By default, the Battlepass is free and is made available to everyone who logs into the game.

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Valorant features various Acts and for every Act, it’s associated Battlepass exists. Each Act and its Battlepass remain functional for 2 months and are replaced by new ones afterward. The first Battlepass of Valorant is Act 1 of Episode 1.

These episodes are big updates that add major changes to the gameplay where each episode is likely to consist of three Acts. As players make progress in the game by earning XP, they automatically unlock items and can thereby use them as per their liking.

Valorant Battlepass Chapters

The Battlepass is further divided into 10 chapters and each chapter further has 5 Premium tiers. The chapter is completed once all the 5 premium tiers have been unlocked with XP.

Players opting to go with the free version of Battlepass will be able to make progress through all of these 10 chapters. However, they won’t be able to unlock the 5 items within the premium tiers.

Added Benefit Of The Premium Battlepass

The game provides players the ability to activate the premium version at any time and upon doing so players are also awarded the rewards they unlocked during the free version of the game.

Going premium allows players to get access to a larger inventory of items and at the end of Chapter 10, such players unlock the “Kingdom Melee” which is illustrated in the image shown below.

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Final Verdict

The Valorant Battlepass is a great feature that is loved by players as it allows them to get more freedom and control over their gameplay by customizing it according to their needs.

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