Valorant Agent Tiers

Valorant Agent Tiers

Valorant is the latest mainstream first-person shooter in the gaming scene. It took the community by storm with its innovative and tactical gameplay. The game is currently one of the most viewed games on the entire planet and the hype doesn’t seem to stop any sooner. Valorant incorporates agents who have unique different abilities and an economic system in its gameplay. Most players see it as a mix of Overwatch and Counter Strike: Global Offensive. The game is a fast-paced FPS experience with a lot of creative combat mechanics and the game is currently being focused on the esports scene as well.

The gameplay is pretty simple where the attacking team’s objective is to plant the “spike” on a site and the defending team stops it. However, what makes each match of the game different and unique is the variety of agents the game offers you to choose from. The abilities of the agents can be used offensively or defensively according to situations and the agents are divided into 4 main classes according to their abilities;

  1. Duelists: ones who are self-sufficient damage dealers with their offensive abilities.
  2. Initiators: focuses on gathering intel and help the team push.
  3. Sentinels: equipped with defensive abilities and usually play the backline of a team.
  4. Controllers: comes with a set of crowd control abilities or smoke screens. They are good at blocking off sights of enemies to assist the team.

With the above-mentioned classes comes different difficulty levels. Some agents are easier to hold sites with, some are great at pushing and some are perfect for clutching. So according to these differences and difficulties, all agents can be put into tiers to rank them, who is the most useful for the teams. Professional Valorant players have openly stated their opinions on this topic and here is the ultimate Valorant agent tier list comparing and combining their views of the currently available agents.

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S Tier

  • Sage

There is no denying that Sage is the most useful agent in the entire game. She is important in almost all team compositions as she is capable of healing allies or herself with her basic refreshing ability. Apart from that, her wall can be used for various purposes like blocking off enemy paths and pushes, elevating herself, or the team to get positioning advantages on situations, etc.  On top of it all, her ultimate ability resurrects/revives a dead teammate giving the team the number advantage back. All these make up a “god-tier” agent and she is a must in all teams.


A Tier

  • Cypher
  • Brimstone
  • Sova
  • Breach

This tier of agents comes with CC abilities and other abilities that gather vital information about where the enemies are on the map. Even though they seem weak on the offensive side, they really can help the team to initiate fights or gain control or hold sites. They are also pretty hard to play as you need to be in full sync with your team for the strategies to work. Also, Sova and Cypher specifically are capable of revealing enemy positions making it easier to clutch with them.


B Tier

  • Raze
  • Phoenix
  • Omen
  • Jett

B Tier includes most of the Duelists of the game. Their abilities are on the offensive side and they are ideal for pushing in. The basic abilities of Raze and Phoenix refresh with 2 kills while Jett’s ultimate is refreshed with each kill. This tier is a little easier to play in comparison with other tiers. Omen joins this tier as he is really useful to gin control and he can be a great pusher as well.

C Tier

  • Viper
  • Reyna

The bottom tier includes the remaining two agents of the list, Viper, and Reyna. Even though Viper is really good at holding-off sites and zoning enemies, she can be a little unhelpful in specific maps like Haven and Bind. Reyna is arguably the most broken agent in the game right now. While Reyna is on her ultimate, she can cast her basic abilities as much as she wants, making her the most hated agent in the game as well.

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