Reyna is a duelist class agent in Valorant. She was the first agent to be released after the beta stages of the game (during ACT I) and she is a very different duelist comparing to the other agents of the same class. Coming from the heart of Mexico, Reyna and her abilities solely rely on the ability to get kills with her. She is one of the harder agents to master as the player requires more basic game skills rather than macro knowledge. She is another perfect agent for entry fraggers and she can be unstoppable in the hands of a good player.

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Ability Guide

Leer (C)

  • Cast an eye that blinds any enemy who looks at it. This can be cast through walls and works as a basic flash for the team. It lasts for 2 seconds or it can be destroyed by shooting at it. 2 charges can be carried per round.
  • Type: Basic ability
  • Cost: 200 Creds
  • Duration: 2 seconds

Devour (Q)

  • Consume a soul orb to rapidly heal missing health. When health is at 100, Reyna will be over-healed for another 50 health-points but this only lasts for 25 seconds. When using the ability, a tether between Reyna and the soul orb is drawn and any enemy can easily predict your location by this. The number of charges is shared with her Dismiss ability (E) and a total of 4 can be carried per round.
  • Type: Basic ability
  • Cost: 100 Creds
  • Duration: 3 seconds

Dismiss (E)

  • Consume a soul orb to become intangible and gain a burst of movement speed for 2 seconds. While she is using this ability she can’t use her weapons and there is also a slight delay when re-equipping the weapon after using an ability, making her vulnerable for a moment. The number of charges is shared with Devour (Q) and a total of 4 can be carried per round.
  • Type: Signature ability
  • Cost: 100 Creds (1 free charge every round)
  • Duration: 2 seconds

Empress (X)

  • Enter into a frenzy mode where she gains 15% more equipping speed, firing rate, and reload speed. While this ability is active, she can cast infinite charges of soul harvesting abilities, and all Devours are automatically cast with every kill, and Dismisses make her invisible. Every kill refreshes the ability’s duration as well.
  • Type: Ultimate
  • Cost: 6 Points
  • Duration: 30 seconds

Tips and tricks

Reyna is a duelist that relies on pure game skill and the ability to score kills. Almost all her abilities can only be casted after you score a kill so make sure you are capable of fragging before picking her. She is the ideal pick for entry fraggers as they are the best players with good aim and fragging skills hence they can take the maximum use out of her. Following are some helpful tips and tricks you definitely should try out next time you are playing Reyna;

  • Her Leer ability often makes your enemies panic and make noise or make them shoot at it. This can give you vital information about the enemies’ locations and sieges.
  • Even though her Leer is fragile, it doesn’t affect your allies, unlike other flashes in the game. This makes a good ability to initiate and commit to rushes and engages.
  • After every kill, you must quickly decide with what ability you are going to use that soul orb for.  Devour can be used to heal yourself in safe environments or the Dismiss can get you to safety from enemies. Decide wisely according to the situation.
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