Omen is a Controller class agent in the hottest tactical FPS in town, Valorant. Omen is one of the most interesting agents in the entire team as his abilities are very useful and self-sufficient and also unlike other agents, Omen’s origins are unknown. Omen’s abilities are built around shadows and he’s often referred to as the shadow hunter in the game. All his abilities are designed to interfere with enemies’ vision and map awareness.

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Ability Guide

Shrouded Step (C)

  • This allows Omen to teleport short distances he is in range of. Once the ability is cast, it will channel for a brief moment before you are teleported to the destination. However, enemies can hear the ability being cast and might blow your cover. 2 charges can be equipped per round.
  • Type: Basic ability
  • Cost: 100 Creds

Paranoia (Q)

  • Fires a projectile forward and blinds and impairs hearing of enemies who are caught in the range for a short time. This can be cast through walls. You will have to stay still while casting it too so always take cover before.
  • Type: Basic ability
  • Cost: 200 Creds

Dark Cover (E)

  • Equips an orb that can be fired to create a shadow sphere that blocks enemy vision and lasts for quite some time. When this is being cast, a range indicator is opened and you can plan your smokes quite accurately. The alternate fire key and the ability key can be used to properly position your smokes by moving the marker closer or farther.
  • Type: Signature ability
  • Cost: Free

From the Shadows (X)

  • Equip a map and fire to start channeling before teleporting yourself into a selected location on the map. While the channeling phase, you will appear as a shade on the location and you can look out for enemies to make sure you are safe. If you aren’t safe you can cancel the teleportation right away. Enemies can see this shade and shoot at it to cancel your teleportation.
  • Type: Ultimate
  • Cost: 7 points

Tips and tricks

Omen is one of the go-to picks for a team’s smoking needs. His abilities are solely designed to outplay enemies by using his shadows to blind enemies. His teleportation abilities also make him very mobile and you can get to positions you normally can’t. However, you have to be still casting most of his abilities so make sure you are not exposed while doing so. Following are some helpful tips and tricks you definitely should try out the next time you are playing Omen;

  • Omen’s smokes (E) are the most important not just for him but to the entire team. The best part about this is that they recharge over time and can be cast more than twice during a round (2 charges + the replenishes). Make sure to always take the advantage by always casting them at appropriate times and locations.
  • If you get stuck in a corner, you can use your short teleport ability (C) to get to safety by crossing windows or doors. This ability can also be used to get on top of objects to surprise enemies.
  • The smokes can be used in various ways to accompany your team and the rest of your own abilities. Omen’s smokes are great to cover enemy snipers and to cover yourself while teleporting.
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