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Killjoy is a Sentinel-class agent in Valorant. She is a genius mind that assists the team with her innovations including a robot turret, an Alarm bot, and grenades. Coming from Germany, she really is one of the favorite picks of many players due to her very useful utilities. She was the second agent released after the beta stages of the game. She was released with ACT II of the first season and is one of the best sentinels in the game.

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Ability Guide

Alarmbot (Q)

  • Equip a small robot that can be placed on a horizontal surface. This bot has a range around it that when an enemy walks into it, it automatically runs to the enemy to detonate and make them vulnerable. The bot stays invisible until an enemy gets close enough and enemies affected by the vulnerability receive more damage from weapons and abilities. It can be shot at and destroyed. Only 1 charge can be carried per round but can be recalled to reuse if it isn’t destroyed.
  • Type: Basic ability
  • Cost: 200 Creds

Nanoswarm (C)

  • Equip a grenade that can be thrown both during pre-round and during a round. It can be detonated at any time during the round to create a ring around it damaging anyone who stands on it. 2 charges can be carried per round and they also remain invisible until an enemy gets close enough. They also can be shot at and destroyed.
  • Type: Basic ability
  • Cost: 200 Creds
  • Duration: 4.5 seconds – 180 total damage

Turret (E)

  • Place an automated turret on a horizontal surface. It shoots at enemies in a 180-degree field of view. Can be recalled at any time to be redeployed.
  • Type: Signature ability
  • Cost: Free
  • Health: 125 HP

Lockdown (X)

  • Place a lockdown device that detains all enemies in its radius after a countdown of 15 seconds. Detained enemies cannot shoot or move for 8 seconds. The device can be destroyed and interrupt the lockdown during this time.
  • Type: Ultimate
  • Cost: 7 points
  • Duration: 15 seconds (Detention: 8 seconds)
  • Health: 150 HP

Tips and tricks

Killjoy becomes a strong sentinel agent of the game due to her aggressive and annoying utilities. Her turret can be very annoying to deal with as it both deals damage and slows you down if you’re hit by it. A well-used Killjoy on the defense side can be very hard to counter as she can hold sites all be herself. Following are some other helpful tips and tricks you definitely should try out next time you are playing Killjoy;

  • The turret can be used to cover flanks as it gives out that information to the entire team through the minimap.
  • Always use the utilities during the preround (especially in defense) to use them more efficiently. Use your Swarm grenades on common planting spots to avoid enemy plants or place them on the spike you planted to delay or prevent defuses.
  • She can set up well for a possible skirmish but can be weak in the actual gunfights as none of her abilities are fast enough to assist her. So the best thing to do is to set them up and play defensively in a corner.
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