Valorant Agent Guide: Breach


Breach is one of the most powerful Initiator class agents in the game. He is a human-bionic hybrid who is equipped with some serious arsenals on his body to deal some serious damage and interruption to the enemies. Coming from Sweden, he marks his specialty as an over-powered agent as all his abilities are castable through walls and terrains. Breach lands on the “tier A” of the agent tier list with his over-powered crowd control abilities and his aggressive playstyle.

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Ability guide

Aftershock (C)

  • Equip a fusion charge and use it to fire an explosive blast through a wall to deal some serious AoE damage to enemies who are within the range. The explosion takes a few seconds to fire and the closer the enemy to it, the more damage they will take. Only a single charge can be carried per round.
  • Type: Basic ability
  • Cost: 100 Creds

Flashpoint (Q)

  • A blinding charge can be fired through a wall to blind all enemies and allies who are looking at it. Two charges can be carried per round.
  • Type: Basic ability
  • Cost: 200 Creds

Fault Line (E)

  • Fires a seismic blast through a wall which creates an earthquake-like effect to stun and knock up all enemies who are caught in it. This ability is Breach’s signature refreshing ability and it refreshes every 35 seconds.
  • Type: Signature ability
  • Cost: Free

Rolling Thunder (X)

  • This is a bigger version of his signature ability. This ability fires a wave of seismic blasts in a cone radius to knock up and stun all enemies who are caught along the way.
  • Type: Ultimate ability
  • Cost: 7 points

Tips and tricks

Breach is one of the best initiators who fits into any team composition and in any map of the game. He is arguably the best initiator in the entire game as his abilities are perfect to crowd-control enemies and allow allies for a rush-in. Breach initiates sieges with his blinding and stunning abilities and the team follows-up on him. If you know your way around the maps, Breach can be played aggressively despite him having mostly crowd control abilities. Following are some helpful tips and tricks you definitely should try out next time you are playing Breach;

  • Be sure that you communicate with and read your allies very well before casting any of Breach’s abilities. You might accidentally flash or stun your allies if you are clumsy.
  • All of Breach’s abilities are cast through walls or other terrains and geometry. Look out for your minimap when casting to know exactly where they land, especially when casting the ultimate and signature abilities.
  • Breach’s signature ability and his ultimate knocks up enemies. You can creatively use them when you are defending a planted spike. You can also use your Aftershock ability (C) to instantly kill anyone who is defusing the spike so make sure to plant the bomb near a wall. Breach is one of the very few agents who can directly cancel out a spike defuse.
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