Valorant Betting, why is the perfect time to start

Valorant Betting

Valorant is the new game from Riot Games, an eSports that is becoming hugely popular within a year and therefore deserves everyone’s attention. This is the perfect time to start betting on Valorant.

Valorant is the new eSports that is taking the world by storm. A game that incorporates the best features of CS:GO and Overwatch and is conquering everyone. 1 year after launch, Valorant is becoming the most followed game in the world. The numbers of League of Legends are still far away but Valorant is climbing positions in the rankings.

Why bet on Valorant?

As mentioned, the game is growing and more and more professionals are abandoning other games to devote themselves to Valorant. Riot Games launched the first official tournaments this year and the success has been remarkable. More and more fans follow this new eSports.


Valorant is set to become one of the most followed eSports in the world and that’s why it’s best to get into this game now. Starting to bet on Valorant now is important because more and more bookmakers are offering odds on this eSports. Often wrong odds because the teams are all very new and with little experience. Not only that, every week a new team launches its Valorant team, changing the values ​​on the pitch.

Often the underdog wins the game. This is because bookmakers do not always know the true values ​​of the teams. Valorant currently offers the best odds and the greatest earning potential.

Lots of new tournaments

Riot Games is betting a lot on Valorant. For this reason, a lot of new tournaments are coming out. If 6 months ago, there was an event every 2 months, now every week you can find a Valorant tournament to bet on. Every day there are games to follow and to bet on. So every day you can bet on a match and win.

It’s nice to have a game to bet on every day. Obviously Riot Games guarantees the validity of each match, so unlike CS: GO for example, betting on Valorant you know that the match is hardly rigged, but always be careful.

Valorant FPS number 1

CS:GO is over 10 years old, Overwatch 5, are “old” games while Valorant has just come out and the mobile version will soon be out. Valorant is the future of eSports. In the future, more and more Pros will switch from CS: GO to Valorant, more and more teams will have their own Valorant team and perhaps close their CS: GO team.

Valorant is expected to become the # 1 FPS in the world and so it’s best to learn all about the game now and be so ready when it becomes the most played eSports so you can win more bets than anyone who will start betting later. Learn all the tricks now and then become an expert before the others and be able to take advantage.

Learn which teams are the strongest, which players are able to make a difference to Valorant. This will help you win bets and know in advance who is the favorite in that match. Remember teams that may be very strong in CS: GO, they may not be as strong in Valorant. Teams that dominate LOL could be in big trouble in Valorant.

Best Valorant Betting sites

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