Mandatory.GG Announced as The Next Stop for VALORANT’s Ignition Series

Valorant Ignition

Just a few weeks back, Riot Games, in their global efforts to promote the new FPS title through a series of worldwide tournaments, announced that they will be partnering up with Mandatory.GG for a European session.

Mandatory.GG will be hosting the tournament where 128 teams will be participating, many from all over Europe, and then some more.

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Recognized teams from the Ignition series, from all over the world are already invited to the series. And, any European team with all members ranked Platinum 1 or above will be eligible to apply in the remaining slots.


This is an excellent initiative by the Riot Games and is the first Valorant tournament to be held in Europe. Although this is not the first time that Europeans will be participating with G2 E-Sports taking the world by storm with their excellent performance in We Play ‘Valorant’ Invitational Tournament. They came out as the best team in the tournament by a considerable margin, and now again, after G2’s massive success, this European competition is set to set the bar for the best Valorant pro players even higher.

The organizer this time even said that “The competition is meant to showcase the best European players and teams,” in a press release and to add, with household names like HypHypHyp, NHiP, and Fisgh123 participating, this vision couldn’t be more accurate.

Though, this time, the tournament will be going through some significant changes. One of the most notable ones is Mandatory.GG is going for an open bracket model to choose the participants. Whereas the previous selection process was an open bracket, basically, it was a free market tournament and was not very choosy in its selection process. And although many of the main recognized teams have already been given an invite, the selection process of the other remaining team slots was held this way. The remaining teams were finalized on July 19th, 2020, after a roughly 2-day bout that tested the eligible teams against each other.

This event is the biggest of its kind that is to be held in Europe, marking a huge success for Valorant within the European E-Sports market.

The event is scheduled from July 31st till August 2nd with a cash pool prize of 17000$. And even for a month-old title that is building on the success of similar FPS games, Valorant has truly captured an audience like none other. Even Fortnite took 1 year to stabilize and become a commercial success that it is today, but with Riot Games’ aggressive marketing scheme, Valorant is getting unprecedented acknowledgment from the gamers all around the world in a very short amount of time.

This partner program is expected to be among the biggest in its kind and more can be expected from Valorant in the future.

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