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Valorant Betting

Valorant is one of the fast-growing esports. Created by Riot Games, the developers of League of Legends, the most-watched eSports in the world, two years ago. Here you will find the best Valorant betting sites. Riot Games goal is to make Valorant the best eSports in the world by copying the best qualities of CS:GO, Overwatch and Call of Duty. Here not only you will find the best Valorant betting Sites but also information on Valorante and how to bet on Valorant

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What is Valorant

Valorant is a new eSports launched by Riot Games. In less than 2 years Valorant has become one of the most popular esports in the world. Although it is not yet legal in China, there are many professional teams that have created their Valorant team. In 2021, the first official tournaments were launched.

Top 5 NA Valorant Players Of 2020

Valorant is a mix of CS:GO and Overwatch. Like Counter-Strike, the match is a 5v5 with one side attempting to plant a bomb and the other trying to stop them doing so, in a “first to thirteen wins” esports setting. Between rounds, Valorant features the familiar “Buy Phase” during which both teams purchase skills and weapons for the next engagement. 


Valorant’s shooting mechanics are practically identical to CS:GO, with players having to stop in order to aim more accurately, and able to run with knives or lighter weapons allowing them to move faster. Because of all these similarities, we have already seen many players easily switch from CS: GO to Valorant.

Why bet on Valorant

Valorant is a new eSports but despite this, it has already captured the attention of many fans and gamers. Why bet on Valorant? Because it is a fast-growing game destined to become one of the most played eSports. The beauty of Valorant is that there are many tournaments around the world, every week there is a new tournament and Riot Games is finding more and more partners interested in organizing new tournaments.

Valorant Champions Tour Europe

So you have a lot of events to bet on and betting is very easy. Furthermore, an aspect that should not be underestimated is that being a new eSports there are many newly created teams and for this reason, the bookmakers do not know their true value and often misjudge the evaluations and you can find very advantageous odds for the bettors.

First, let’s clear up an important doubt, is betting on Valorant legal in the United States? Yes, in the states where it is possible to bet on eSports. Then there are offshore bookmakers that offer the possibility to bet on Valorant even in those states where there are no authorized bookmakers.

How to bet on Valorant

Valorant as mentioned is very similar to CS: GO and Overwatch and therefore you bet in the same way as these other two eSports.

Bets available

We provide you the best Valorante betting sites but if you are interested in betting on Valorant then we have some crucial information for you that will surely prove beneficial for you. Some of the popular Valorant betting types are:


In this type, you predict and choose which team will win the game. It is the simplest kind of bet on the market. You can also bet on the team that you believe will win the Valorant tournament.

Over / under

In this wager, you place your bet on the match statistics. Here you pick if a team will have numbers of elimination in a game above or under a certain number.

Map Winner

Which team will win that specific map in the game

First Blood

This is very common in CS: GO betting, and allow you to bet on which team will make the first kill of the game

Spike Plant

Bookmakers allow you to bet on if the attacking team will be able to plant the spike

Multiple bets

Combination bets multiply single bets. For example, different Valorant matches can be multiplied as a bet. Normally you can bet on multiple Valorant matches of the same tournament but you can also bet on Valorant match and add matches from other eSports.

Live Bets

All the bookmakers we have listed offers live betting on the biggest Valorant tournaments. This will let you place bets during the match.

Where to bet on Valorant

We have listed the best Valorant betting Sites. These bookies all offer bets on Valorant. Here you will find the best bookmakers tested by millions of people.

Payment option

A very important thing for all bettors is to know how to open an account and how to cash out. The best Valorant betting Sites that we have selected on this page are the best because they offer many different ways to deposit money and to withdraw it. You can deposit money by credit card, Skrill, bank transfer, and above all Cryptocurrencies. Opening a counter in Bitcoin offers many advantages, many of these bookmakers offer bonuses on Bitcoin that you can find here.

How to bet successfully

  • The progress of the team in recent games

This is a very important data because it makes you understand the current situation of the team. Have you lost so much recently? Are you in a winning streak? It is also important to check who they played against, because if you win 3 games but against the poor teams it does not mean that that team is strong.

  • Head-to-head

Head-to-head matches are important but not fundamental because Valorant’s teams change a lot and so it may be that the team lost to a team last year but this year has changed all the players.

  • Player changes

In all eSports there are many changes. A gamer starts in a tournament and maybe in the next one is on the bench. Sometimes it happens that a player is tired or has a drop in form and then is put on the bench or someone is promoted from the lower teams

  • Purchase or sale of gamers

Many players are switching from other eSports to Valorant so it’s common to see teams buying new players or selling old players. Always try to find out who is on the roster

  • Latest news

Being up to date on everything that happens in the world of eSports is essential for betting well.

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