Riot Unveils Global Valorant Tournament

VALORANT First Strike

After the global success of Riot’s Ignition series, which sparked more than 25 Tournaments worldwide, Riot Games have essentially set a competitive E-Sports system surrounding new Shooter Valorant. And taking the success further, Riot has announced another, even more, ambitious series, dubbed “First Strike,” in the upcoming December.

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The new tourney is expected to highlight some of the best Valorant players worldwide on the professional Valorant E-sports platform that was popularized by Riot Games in their previously mentioned Ignition tournaments.

Valorant Developers in their ‘Dev Diaries’ additionally elaborated that the series will be taking place over multiple regions, and the qualifiers from each Region will then take part in the regional finals, where they will participate in multiple sets of finale events organized by Riot Games themselves.

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The regional qualifiers are expected to start around the second half of October, where teams from all over the world will compete in their respective regions. And to make the tournament even more accessible and fair, rather than following an invite-only system that was set in place for the Ignition series, Riot has decided to go for an Open For All, merit-based set up in the upcoming First Strike session.

All players over the age of 16 who have attained the rank of Immortal 1 will be eligible to take part in the regional qualifiers.

The First Strike Tournament is expected to have some major prizes set in place for the winners, but no details have been released for what Riot Games will actually be offering to the Regional Champions. But, for now, Riot Games in their press release have given some details as to what the event might hold in store for the winners.

The Regional champions, according to Riot Games, will have the boasting rights to call themselves the first Valorant Regional Champions, emphasized Riot Games during their Press Event.

But if we go by the trend, The Ignition series had over 1 million Dollars distributed overall in the series, and The First Strike Tournament, being an even bigger event for Valorant, is expected to surpass that pool prize.

Riot Games, in their press release, also have specified the qualifying eight regions that will be hosting the regional qualifiers, and they are as mentioned; North America, Commonwealth Independent States, Europe, Asia, Turkey, Oceania, Brazil, and The Middle East.

All of the Regional Qualifiers will be held independently as their own events, and only the winners will be eligible to take part in the Finale that will be held in the first week of December and is scheduled from 3rd December till 6th December 2020.

And it goes without saying that, just like the Ignition series, all of the First Strike events will be held online due to the global pandemic situation, and for now, the regional qualifiers will be operated and scheduled by premier E-sports organizations in the selected regions according to the Riot Games Press Release.

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