LOL: Worlds 2021 Cloud9 VS Unicorns of Love Recap

Cloud 9 vs Unicorns of Love

Tensions are higher than ever in the League of Legends competitive scenes as two of the mightiest teams out there have just clashed in-game.

The match was especially clutch considering the fact that Cloud9 has gone undefeated so far securing a perfect 4-0 while Unicorns of Love have failed to win a single match so far.

Knowing this, Cloud 9 pretty much had their trophy all ready for them as they didn’t think much of the match to begin with. So, what exactly happened? Let’s start this recap right up:

A Messy Start for C9

As much as we want to say that Cloud9 have continued to dominate the scene as they had done in all of their matches prior to this one, that wasn’t how it ended up for them. Instead, Cloud9 pretty much fumbled up since the very beginning, with Blaber literally missing a Smite steal and forcing Fudge to be caught up in a 2v1.

Because of this, UOL managed to secure themselves the First Blood, but that wasn’t all. Soon after the Rift Herald foresaw yet another victory for the UOL, the team that nobody expected to get the upper hand in this match in the slightest.

Right as C9 was finally starting to catch up again, taking down a member of UOL, their competition had already taken down two more of their members bringing their numbers up to 1k points above C9.

C9 tried desperately to win an intense battle afterward, and while they did, they accidentally wasted too much time just lying around there, long enough for UOL to come back up and destroy them.

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From Bad to Worse

Things were getting even more ridiculous by the 18-minute mark as UOL had taken the lead so much that they were three drakes into the match essentially already taking their Soul win condition right off the bat.

It was getting very dire for C9 as they lost three members while only taking down one from UOL, and as they saw themselves falling even more behind, they couldn’t help but force a drake fight.

They won that, but it wasn’t enough to secure them the win since they were still so far behind.

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Things were about to get even worse though for C9 as they were forced into a battle in the mid-lane tower where four of their players were instantly destroyed before they could do anything.

With all four members taken down, it was only a matter of time before their base was also cleaned up. So, as they headed towards it, it wasn’t long before C9 were officially taken down off the podium.

Final Score and What This Means

The match ended in the favor of UOL, and despite not having won any other matches so far, this means that they have secured their place at Worlds while C9 has to fight through a lot more to get that much-needed promotion that they were hoping to get this match.

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