EDG is crowned champion of Worlds 2021

Edward Gaming made history at this year’s World Championship by defeating the defending champion DK convincingly. Result of Worlds 2021 – final match between DK and EDG GameTeam 1ScoreTeam 2firstDK0-1EDG2DK1-1EDG3DK2-1EDG4DK2-2EDG5DK2-3EDG Game 1: DK 0-1 EDG With two extremely annoying Yasuo and Xinzhao cards, DK aims to completely nullify Jhin’s ultimate as well as damage from […]

MonteCristo criticizes the LoL Worlds format

Sharing on The Jungle program, Christopher “MonteCristo” Mykles did not hesitate to criticize the knockout format of the World Championship that Riot Games has applied for more than ten years. Talking about the teams at Worlds 2021 having to leave the tournament after only 1 Bo5 match, MonteCristo said: “One more year in my life, […]

Worlds 2021 DAMWON Gaming vs T1

It’s the clash of the Korean giants in the semifinals as DAMWON takes on T1. Both teams truly deserve to reach this stage of the competition and it will be interesting to see which team will come out on top. As DAMWON unarguably arrived in the World Championship as the favorites to lift the trophy. […]

Worlds 2021 Gen.G vs EDward Gaming

Gen.G is amongst the three LCK teams representing the South Korean region. The team arrived as the third seed and was not predicted to reach this stage of the competition. However, they proved the haters wrong as they claimed the top spot in their group after facing fierce competition. At the end of the normal […]

Worlds 2021 DAMWON Gaming vs MAD Lions

Coming from the Korean region, DAMWON Gaming represents the LCK as the #1 seed. They deserve it since the roster has played to perfection and will now be coming into the competition in the hopes of defending their title. Redemption will also be on their minds as the team lost to RNG in the grand […]

Words 2021 EDward Gaming vs Royal Never Give Up

EDward Gaming makes its way from China’s LPL. At the time of this writing, it is considered the toughest region in the competitive landscape, since new powerhouses are always emerging from the region. In the recent split, EDG showed a strong performance as they achieved a second-place finish in the regular season after 12 wins […]

LOL Worlds MAD Lions vs Gen.G tiebreaker

MAD had a lot going for them after their incredible victory against LNG so you can already tell that when they were set up against Gen couldn’t help but feel like they were cruising up to the winner’s bracket. The only reason as to why people weren’t especially scared for this matchup is definitely the […]