Valorant Agent Guide: Cyper

Cypher is a strong Sentinel agent in the game. Coming from Morocco, his abilities mainly focus on getting intel on enemies and their locations. His abilities reveal enemy players and even crowd control them. He’s also heavily picked and loved by most pro players and his skillset and difficulty earns him a spot at tier […]

Valorant Agent guide: Sage

Coming from China, Sage is one of the most useful agents in Valorant due to her self sufficient and supportive gameplay style. She is an agent classed as a “Sentinel”. In terms of utility and gameplay, she delivers her team support and can easily lockdown and defend against flanks. She is also the only agent […]

What is The Valorant Battlepass

The developers of Valorant have recently come up with a unique way of rewarding players that spend time in the game with specialized cosmetic items that can be used by players for customizing their gameplay. Such rewards are made available to players by the Valorant Battlepass which is particularly important because all modern-day games offer […]

Valorant Agent Tiers after patch 2.05

Valorant is the latest mainstream first-person shooter in the gaming scene. It took the community by storm with its innovative and tactical gameplay. The game is currently one of the most viewed games on the entire planet and the hype doesn’t seem to stop any sooner. Valorant incorporates agents who have unique different abilities and […]