eSports Betting Tips – Valorant Mildom Masters

Mildom Masters is a tournament organized by Mildom, where 8 invited Japanese teams compete.  Citing the release published by as the official partner for Mildom Masters, the eight teams competing are Absolute JUPITER, SCARZ, REJECT, CYCLOPS, Sengoku Gaming, FAV gaming, SunSister Rapid, and Connect Gaming. They will compete from August 20 to October 1 2020, in […]

eSports betting tips – Valorant matches 17th august

Valorant is making huge waves in the esports industry. The game is currently in closed beta but that is not stopping it from getting into the world of competitive gaming.  There are plenty of competitions every now and then and one of them is the Cyber Games Arena VALORANT Pacific Open/Finals. We will look at […]

Esports Betting Tips – How to bet on Valorant

Valorant has quickly become one of the biggest hits in the world of online gaming. Developed by Riot Game, it is a free-to-play FPS that is a classic combination of Overwatch, Counter-Strike, and Rainbow Six. The reason behind its popularity is because of its developer, Riot Games. If you are a fan of eSports then […]

Mandatory.GG Announced as The Next Stop for VALORANT’s Ignition Series

Just a few weeks back, Riot Games, in their global efforts to promote the new FPS title through a series of worldwide tournaments, announced that they will be partnering up with Mandatory.GG for a European session. Mandatory.GG will be hosting the tournament where 128 teams will be participating, many from all over Europe, and then […]

Valorant Absolute Master betting prediction

The new game of Riot games is one of the most popular eSports of the moment, a lot of professional gamers have moved from other games to Valorant. This week there is one of the first Valorant tournament on which you can bet on so let’s try and see if there is something interesting. Valorant […]