LOL Team Liquid vs TSM Betting Predictions 04.10.2021

There is so much history between these two as they are the most successful teams in the history of LCS. Team Liquid will be looking to get their revenge against TSM for knocking them out of LCS last summer, while TSM will look to defend their crown and head into the finals against Cloud9. The […]

Team Liquid vs TSM betting prediction 20th march

Finally, the knockout phase is here! We start with the knockout phase in the LCS. A very interesting and beautiful game awaits us on Saturday. Team Liquid will face TSM in the upper bracket. League of Legends best bookmakers Team Liquid vs Team SoloMid Team Liquid is the most followed team in America and has […]

TSM vs Immortals Betting Prediction

The drafting problem for TSM is something that isn’t discussed often because they end up winning the game by playing a lot better than their opponents thanks to the excellent shotcalling of their support Swordart. They often pick themselves champions that work very well in teamfights like Skarner, Viktor and Alistar but they aren’t being […]

eSports betting tips: League of Legends LCS sunday 2nd August prediction

The League of Legends Championship Series 2020 is in full swing and two upcoming matches as shown in the image below are scheduled to take place on Saturday, 1st August. It needs to be mentioned that all below matches were played as “Best of 1 Series” and thereby any team that won the single match […]