Rogue asserts LEC dominance with a win over Vitality.

The third week of the League of Legends European Championship (LEC) has ended with Rogue as the sole leader and undefeated. The Roguetians have managed to remain leaders of the Spring Split without giving up a loss while Fnatic, their main competitor, has distanced itself from the first place. The orange team has closed the […]

Worlds 2021 Rogue vs FunPlus Phoenix prediction

In this article we are going to provide you with our betting prediction of Rogue vs FunPlus Phoenix match valid for the League of Legends Worlds 2021 The LEC will be competing for bragging rights against the LPL in this group stage matchup, as Rogue competes against FunPlus Phoenix. The Chinese side witnessed a superb […]

Worlds 2021 FunPlus Phoenix vs Rogue

One of the most important matches of Wednesday is the one between FunPlus Phoenix vs Rogue. Who will win? We will tell you in this article. Chinese LPL takes on the North American LEC in this Group A game of the 2021 World Championship. FunPlus Phoenix had a great 2021 season as the team finished […]

LEC Summer 2021 Rogue vs Misfits Gaming prediction

In the opening game of the LEC 2021 Summer Playoffs Rogue will be taking on Misfits. Our Prediction Who will win: Rogue will winWhere to bet: Rogue has displayed a fantastic performance in the regular season which saw the team finishing at 1st place. Out of the 18 games played, they have won 13 […]