Chengdu Hunters all you need to know

Chengdu Hunters was founded in 2018 and started its career as one of the eight Overwatch expansion teams. Currently, Chengdu Hunters has the honor of being one of the four professional Overwatch teams from China. Image Source The team is a part of the Pacific division of the Overwatch League. It is owned by Huya […]

Boston Uprising, all you need to know

Based in Massachusetts, Boston Uprising is an Overwatch esports team that was founded in July 2017. The team is owned by Robert Kraft and participates in the Overwatch League as a member of the Atlantic North Division. The current head coach of Boston Uprising is Kim Seung-hyun. Image Source One of the major achievements of […]

Atlanta Reign All You Need To Know

As evident from its name, Atlanta Reign is Overwatch eSports team is based in Atlanta Georgia and it participates in the Overwatch League as a part of the Western Division. Image Source Atlanta Reign has the honors of being the first eSports team representing Atlanta city. The Atlanta Reign is owned by Atlanta Esports Ventures […]