Overwatch 2021 Season Structure

2021 has brought some good news for the world, and everyone’s happy about it. After being claimed by the pandemic and lockdowns, most gaming competitions were either shifted to online modes or postponed. With vaccination trails beginning, big leagues are starting to come back. For the fans of Overwatch, it’s Christmas again! COD League recently […]

Overwatch Los Angeles Valiant fires all team and staff

Incredible news because the Overwatch Los Angeles Valiant team announced that they have fired the whole team, not only the players but also all the coaches. Surprising news especially considering that in this offseason the team had acquired new players and coaches and therefore no one could think that such a thing could happen. Read […]

Overwatch: Philadelphia Fusion move to South Korea!

One of the most recognized names of the Overwatch League has made a shocking announcement. As Philadelphia Fusion has revealed that they are moving to South Korea to compete in the Pacific Division for the 2021 season. Philadelphia broke the news on 11th December via Twitter. However, they didn’t mention any reasons behind this move. […]

The 2020 Contenders Gauntlet Is Heading Online

The 2020 session of Overwatch Contenders is about to sum up and all gamers are interested in getting a part of the pie by winning Tier 2. This means that the overall competition is fiercer than ever before which promises an engaging experience for the gamers and spectators alike. This has increased interest in the […]

Overwatch Los Angeles Gladiators Sign Two-time Champion: Moth

2021 is going to be a brand new esports experience overall major esports games as some major roster changes have taken place. Some super teams are breaking apart while some are being made. The possible transfer of Perkz to the NA region is the hottest in the League of Legends esports universe. And the current […]

Overwatch All-Star Weekend dates and events announced

Every year the most talented players of the Overwatch League showcase their talent. Here the best individuals from Pacific and Atlantic divisions compete for supremacy in a series of events and games. There were some doubts about this year’s Overwatch All-Star weekend, but we are glad to inform you that it is taking place in […]

eSports Betting tips – Prediction ASIA PLAYOFFS Round 1

The Overwatch League is in its last stages now with the match between London Spitfire and Chengdu Hunters scheduled to take place on the 4th of September 2020. The match will be live at 09:00 AM GMT for viewers that are interested in catching the action live. Fans and enthusiasts of both sides are super […]

eSports Betting tips – Overwatch 21st August matches

We are approaching the final week of the OWL regular season. The 2020 season has its fair share of ups and downs. But that didn’t stop the teams from showing incredible games and performances. The league table has shaped up nicely and still the teams will be fighting tooth and nail to end the regular […]

eSports Betting tips – OWL prediction 16th august

The OWL 2020 season is about to come to an end in the next few days. All the teams have played brilliantly. And they are still reluctant to squeeze out some points before the playoff spots are finalized. We and the fans highly support their fighting spirit since it paves the way for top tier […]

eSports Betting tips – prediction OWL 15th August

We are headed for Week-28 and there is still plenty of lefts to fight for, as the team’s gear up for the playoffs. In this article, we will look at the matches of some of the most exciting teams of the season. We will also work out the winner of each game. So let’s get […]