LEC MAD Lions vs G2 Esports betting prediction

G2 Esports taking on MAD Lions is one of the most anticipated matches of the LEC playoffs. Our Prediction Who will win: MAD Lions will winWhere to bet: Betonline.ag Since both teams finished with a 12-6 record and were tied for 2nd place. Now they face each other in a do or die situation. It […]

The Most Important Leagues in League of Legends

League of Legends currently stands tall as a pioneer in the fast-growing esports industry. The esports scene of this legendary game is currently over a decade old and it still tops the charts with its viewership and ever-expanding fan base. It not only brought mainstream attention to esports in general but also assisted in laying […]

LEC Fnatic vs Schalke 04 betting prediction

Schalke 04 shocked the world last week when they almost took down G2 Esports. They only lost due to the immense amount of healing Rekless with his Seraphine pick provided to his teammates in the last game of the series. We have consistently seen Schalke 04 improving in the drafting phase throughout the split and […]

Rogue vs MAD Lions Betting prediction

It feels like the general level of play in LEC has deteriorated this split but both MAD Lions and Rogue have been a class above their competition along G2 Esports which makes this series very exciting and more importantly, close. They both also share a very similar playstyle with their junglers being the primary playmakers […]

Betting Predictions G2 Esports vs Schalke 04 Saturday March 27th 2021

The rivalry between G2 Esports and Schalke 04 isn’t really popular but when we see the fact that Schalke 04 is the team the current reigning champions of LEC have lost to the most since last year, then that puts things in a different view. G2 Esports will have side selection in the game and […]

Fnatic vs SK Gaming Betting Predictions for March 26th 2021

There is so much history between these two teams and it was once called El Clasico but in recent years the fixture has been really one sided with Fnatic dominating. This time its a completely new SK Gaming that will be looking to avoid elimination in the very first round and go into the next […]

LOL LEC Betting Predictions and Picks for March 5 2021

This Friday the LEC is back with a lot of interesting matches to bet on. In this article, we are going to provide you our Betting Predictions and Picks for March 5 2021. Misfits vs Astralis Misfits are currently tied with Schalke 04 and Excel Esports in the sixth place which is the cut-off point […]