Betting prediction and pick LCK Spring Split Thursday January 13

The LCK Spring Split is back. Thursday 2 matches will be played. DWG KIA one of the best teams of League of Legends will play vs KT Rolster while Nongshim will fight vs Hanwha. Here are our betting prediction Nongshim REDFORCE vs Hanwha Life Esports (LCK Spring Split 2022, Best of Three) Nongshim REDFORCE had […]

Hanwha Life Esports vs Royal Never Give Up

Hanwha Life eSports vs Royal Never Give Up are two of the best team of League of Legends this year. This could be the final of the Worlds 2021 but instead is still in the group stage. Hanwha Life Esports fought hard in the play-in stage since the team only lost one game out of […]

Worlds 2021 Hanwha eSports vs Peace

The Championship for League of Legends 2021 is around the corner. All the teams have completed their preparations and have reached Reykjavik Iceland to show their might. It is high time for a short overview and overall League of Legends world predictions. Well! Here is everything you need to know about the potential winning teams, […]

Worlds 2021 Hanwha Life Esports vs Infinity

Another match of the first day of the In-play of Worlds 2021 is the one between Hanwha Life Esports vs Infinity. You will be surprised to know that out of these two teams, Infinity is the one that competed in the MSI while Hanwha finished at 8th place in the Spring regular season. However, a […]

Worlds play-in Hanwha Life Esports vs LNG Esports

Hanwha Life will be taking on LNG Esports in the opening game of the Play-In stage. Hanwha finished at 3rd place in the LCK Spring Season and then shockingly dropped to 8th place in the Summer Season. However, the team fought tooth and nail in the LCK Regional Finals 2021 and climbed to 2nd place […]

League of Legends Prediction Kt Rolster vs Hanwha Life Esports

Kt Rolster vs Hanwha Life Esports is a vert interesting match. There is a strange aura of survival surrounding this fixture as both teams are fighting for that last playoffs spot and a loss here just might put an end to their dream of securing that. It is definitely surprising to see the likes of […]

LCK Nongshim Red Force vs Hanwha Life Esports betting prediction

Nongshim Red Force made a late charge for the playoffs and played some of the best League of Legends they have played this split in the last couple of weeks. Hanwha Life Esports on the other side were completely  outclassed by T1 and Gen.G and there legit concerns about their side lanes right now as […]

Betting Predictions T1 vs Hanwha Life Esports Sunday March 28th 2021

There is so much pride hanging on this series considering the history between these two teams. T1 was previously known as SKT T1 and Hanwha Life Esports was ROX Tigers before their takeover. It was essentially the biggest rivalry in the League of Legends world three or four years ago, but somewhat lost its prestigious […]