Guangzhou Charge released 2 player

In case you haven’t been following the professional Overwatch Esports scene then you must be pretty confused on what this is all about. Essentially, it all boils down to Guangzhou and its lack of team players. Overwatch is a team-based competitive shooter which needs a team made up of every class available to win a […]

Overwatch League Betting tips Los Angeles Valiant vs Guangzhou Charge

Last day of May Melee’s regular season. Fundamental day to decide which teams will qualify for the playoffs of the first Overwatch tournament. Virtually everything is still at stake. There are many fights this Friday the first one sees LA Valiant against Guangzhou Charge Los Angeles Valiant vs Guangzhou Charge Friday opens with a challenge […]

Overwatch League Guangzhou Charge vs Shanghai Dragons betting prediction

Major changes have been made to the Overwatch League this year. Changes to make this competition even more exciting and fun than in previous years. What is the May Melee? First of all, the Overwatch League this year was divided into two regions. The other big difference from the past is that the Overwatch League […]

Overwatch Guangzhou Charge

Guangzhou Charge is a professional Overwatch eSports team from China that was founded in August 2018 and participates in the Overwatch League as a member of its Pacific East Division. Image Source The team initiated its career in 2019 as one of the eight expansion teams of the League and has over the years become […]