Afreeca Freecs vs Gen.G Betting Prediction

Two matches this Sunday in the LPL Spring 2021 league. Gen G is playing against Afreeca Freecs and after Nongshim Red Force vs Liiv Sandbox. Afreeca Freecs vs Gen.G We are getting a rematch just a week after these two teams went face to face but honestly no one would be really excited for this […]

Gen.G vs Fredit Brion Prediction

This will be the first time these two meet since the first week of this split, where Gen.G easily defeated Fredit Brion without any difficulty. There is no doubt over the quality of Fredit Brion as a team capable of pulling off upsets against the top-ranked teams, and they have already shown that against Damwon […]

LOL LCK Spring Betting Predictions and Picks for January 27 2021

The most interesting game of LCK Spring 2021 is upon us. Gen G and DAMWON Gaming face off for the title. The two strongest teams of the tournament, against each other. Who will win the challenge? The other match of the day is the one between Hanwha Life Esports VS Brion Esports. DAMWON Gaming vs […]

LOL LCK Spring Betting picks and Prediction January 24

Busy Sunday for LOL fans, there are 2 LPL matches and two more LCK matches. In LCK Spring 2021, KT Rolster vs T1 and Hanwha Life Esports vs Gen G. Hanwha Life Esports vs Gen G A very interesting match is the one between Hanwha Life Esports vs Gen G. Obviously Gen G is the […]