LPL Spring 2022 Royal Never Give Up vs FunPlus Phoenix

Royal Never Give Up will be coming into this game not only as one of the favorites to win the series, but the spring split as well. The expectations are high since they arrive after a solid end to the summer split. They finished with a solid record of just six defeats in 16 matches. […]

Worlds 2021 Rogue vs FunPlus Phoenix prediction

In this article we are going to provide you with our betting prediction of Rogue vs FunPlus Phoenix match valid for the League of Legends Worlds 2021 The LEC will be competing for bragging rights against the LPL in this group stage matchup, as Rogue competes against FunPlus Phoenix. The Chinese side witnessed a superb […]

Worlds 2021 DAMWON Gaming vs FunPlus Phoenix prediction

Probably the most interesting match of the day is the one between DAMWON Gaming vs FunPlus Phoenix. Two teams that could win the tournament play each other in the group phase DAMWON should prove to be a force to be reckoned with in the competition since they not only won the Spring and Summer Splits […]

Worlds 2021 FunPlus Phoenix vs Rogue

One of the most important matches of Wednesday is the one between FunPlus Phoenix vs Rogue. Who will win? We will tell you in this article. Chinese LPL takes on the North American LEC in this Group A game of the 2021 World Championship. FunPlus Phoenix had a great 2021 season as the team finished […]

Worlds 2021 FunPlus Phoenix vs DAMWON Gaming

Probably one of the best if not the best match in this group stage of the Worlds 2021 is the one between FunPlus Phoenix vs DAMWON Gaming. Every year, Korea is known to be the toughest region in the World Championships. Since all the teams in the region manage to perform brilliantly on the World’s […]

LOL betting prediction Suning vs FPX

This one is a really tricky fixture due to side selection. Suning Gaming are heading into this one with the side selection in two games which could again prove to be a deciding factor. Suning are absolutely horrendous when they are playing on the red side as they have only managed to win 3 out […]

FunPlus Phoenix vs ThunderTalk Gaming betting prediction

eStar Gaming will play against LGD Gaming on Friday two teams that have really struggle so far. They both need to win to improve but who is the favorite? After that FunPlus will take on ThunderTalk, FunPlus had a good season so far and wish to continue like that but TT desperately needs to win. […]

FunPlus Phoenix vs LGD Gaming Betting Prediction

Two matches will be played on Tuesday in the LPL league. FunPlus will play against LGD and then Top Esports will play against Bilibili Gaming. In this article, you will find our Betting Predictions and Picks for FunPlus Phoenix vs LGD Gaming FunPlus Phoenix vs LGD Gaming A few months ago this game was the […]

FunPlus Phoenix vs JD Gaming Betting prediction

Two games will be played Monday in the LPL Spring 2021 league. EDward Gaming is playing against Rogue Warriors and after FunPlus Phoenix will play against JD Gaming. In this article, you will find our betting predictions and picks of FunPlus Phoenix vs JD Gaming FunPlus Phoenix vs JD Gaming FunPlus Phoenix won its opening […]

LOL LPL FunPlus Phoenix vs Team WE Prediction

This Monday the LPL comes back with two very interesting matches. In the first one Suning is going to play against JD in the second one FunPlus is going to take on Team We. FunPlus Phoenix vs Team WE Team WE had one of their best starts to the season in recent years this split […]