Betting Predictions Fredit Brion vs Nongshim Red Force

Nongshim Red Force and Fredit Brion both joined LCK at the same time but the difference in their growth couldn’t be any more different. Nongshim are currently on track to secure a top-two finish in their second split while Fredit Brion are yet to make playoffs and are currently seventh having played one more game […]

Fredit Brion vs Liiv Sandbox betting prediction

There are two matches this Saturday in the Korean League. Here are our Betting Predictions and Picks for March 20th, 2021 Fredit Brion vs Liiv Sandbox Fredit Brion and Liiv Sandbox had late wins into the season to still keep them in contention for the playoffs and could very well still secure that final spot […]

Fredit Brion vs KT Rolster Predictions and Picks

The last time these two teams met, Fredit Brion pulled off the upset and KT were left with red faces. During that series, KT Rolster was in a very strong position in the early stages of the first game and should have been able to win the series, but the Fredit Brion players were so […]

LOL LCK Predictions Fredit Brion vs Liiv Sandbox

The battle between the two lowest-ranked teams in LCK but, with a win one of them can climb up to seventh, just one spot shy of the playoffs qualification, which will be a good confidence boost for them. Sandbox are definitely the stronger team heading into the contest and a lot more confident after defeating […]