Prediction and Picks Call of Duty League Friday February 4 2022

Here we are, after the preseason the real Call of Duty League begins. It starts on Friday with 2 very interesting matches. In this article, our predictions for these two matches. London Royal Ravens vs Florida Mutineers Last year this would have been a very easy match to predict. The London Royals struggled all last […]

Call of Duty Florida Mutineers vs Minnesota RØKKR prediction

Florida Mutineers vs Minnesota Rokkr is a very interesting match in the Call of Duty League Here is our betting prediction between to very good COD team. In this article, we will tell you who will win and where to bet Our Prediction Who will win: Minnesota will winWhere to bet: Florida Mutineers are […]

Toronto Ultra vs Florida Mutineers Betting Prediction

Toronto Ultra vs Florida Mutineers is the match we are going to cover in this article. A very interesting challenge between two teams who want to impose themselves in the Call of Duty League. Here in this article, you will find the information you are looking for to bet in an informed way. Our Prediction […]

COD Minnesota Rokkr vs Florida Mutineers Betting prediction

Third day of Call of Duty League Stage 3. This time there are 3 matches scheduled for this Saturday. Paris Legion returns to the field after their debut match against the Dallas Empire and takes on the Los Angeles Guerrillas. To follow Florida Mutineers face the Minnesota Rokkr and to conclude the day the Seattle […]

COD Florida Mutineers vs Seattle Surge Betting prediction

Call of Duty Mayor tournament II continues this Friday with two other very interesting matches. The Los Angeles Thieves after defeating the Paris Legion will face the London Royal Ravens while the Florida Mutineers after destroying the LA Guerrillas will face the Seattle Surge. Two interesting challenges, here are our predictions. Florida Mutineers vs Seattle […]

Paris Legion vs Florida Mutineers betting prediction Saturday April 3nd 2021

Florida Mutineers currently sit at 2nd place in Group B with a 2-1 record. They lost their opening game to Seattle Surge, but then fought tooth and nail against Minnesota RØKKR and also beat OpTic Chicago. Now they take on the struggling Paris Legion who are at the bottom of the table with only one […]

Florida Mutineers vs Dallas Empire betting prediction

This Thursday the LOS ANGELES GUERRILLAS HOME SERIES starts. The final week of the Call of Duty League regular season. This week will decide the playoff Florida Mutineers vs Dallas Empire Florida Mutineers will not be a happy team coming into this game as they will be facing the mighty Dallas Empire. In Stage 1 […]

Seattle Surge vs. Florida Mutineers betting prediction March 18th, 2021

The First Major tournament of the Call of Duty League ended a week ago. And it is great to see that competitive action has resumed so quickly. Prepare yourself for some exciting action in the Second Stage. Since all of the team will be aiming to come out all guns blazing and improve from their […]

Florida Mutineers vs Seattle Surge Betting prediction

The Call of Duty League is back with two matches this Wednesday. In the first match, we would analyze the Toronto Ultra challenging the London Royal Ravens to follow the Florida Mutineers fights against the Seattle Surge. We enter the knockout phase, you cannot make any more mistakes. Florida Mutineers vs Seattle Surge Another very […]

Paris Legion vs Florida Mutineers Betting Prediction

This Sunday there will be 4 matches of the Call of Duty League here are our Betting predictions and pick for the match of February 20. Paris Legion vs Florida Mutineers Both Florida and Paris have failed to win their opening matches. Florida has played only one series so far and it was a defeat […]