LOL LCS Spring 2021 Evil Geniuses vs 100 Thieves Prediction

LCS Spring is back this weekend with very interesting match. This Saturday there are a lot of interesting matches to follow. We picked the top four. Here is our LOL LCS Spring 2021 Betting Predictions and Picks for Saturday, February the 6th Evil Geniuses vs 100 Thieves It is one of the closest matches of […]

eSports betting tips: League of Legends LCS sunday 2nd August prediction

The League of Legends Championship Series 2020 is in full swing and two upcoming matches as shown in the image below are scheduled to take place on Saturday, 1st August. It needs to be mentioned that all below matches were played as “Best of 1 Series” and thereby any team that won the single match […]

Greyson “Goldenglue” Gilmer To Evil Geniuses

The latest and currently hottest news in the E-sports sector is related to Greyson Gilmer who is a 23-year-old League of Legends Esports player. Gilmer goes by the name of Goldenglue and according to recent news, he has been added as a mid laner by Evil Geniuses. Evil Geniuses also known as EG have been […]