Best eSports tournaments in August 2021

The world of esports continues to produce thrilling action throughout the year. Each month we get to see our favorite esports athletes compete for Supremacy in prestigious gaming tournaments. However, it can be difficult to keep an eye on the action since there are so many competitions happening each day. And we are aware that […]

How to Become a Pro Fortnite Player in 2021

In this article, we will provide you 5 tips to teach you how to become a Pro Fortnite Player. Just in case you have been living underneath a rock the last few years, Fortnite has emerged from an unassuming survival game, adapting and changing its focus to a battle royale mode. A move that has […]

ESL’s CS:GO Plan For The Remainder Of 2020

ESL that was formerly known Electronic Sports League is a major esports organizer and production company that produces and arranges esports events around the globe. Image Source These events cover a number of games and one of these hits gaming titles is CS: GO which is not only played by global players but is also […]

Why Are So Many Overwatch Pros Switching to Valorant?

If you are a passionate follower of eSports, then you should be familiar with the name of the new tactical FPS title, Valorant. This new game is has just been released but that doesn’t stop it from making headlines day-in and day-out owing to its popularity on Twitch compared to other titles. The game has […]

Jon Spector shares update of Overwatch 2020 season

Jon Spector, the Vice President of the Overwatch Esports made a big announcement on 10th July. On Twitlonger, he provided all the news regarding the future format of the competitions and Hero Pools for the latter half of the 2020 Season. Tournaments Update He started his post with the fact that the organization is happy […]

League of Legends Worlds 2020 in Jeopardy

It was a very disappointing year for the League of Legends fans since China has announced a ban on all the international tournaments in the country. This ban will continue throughout 2020 since the country is struggling to co-op with the Covid-19 outbreak. As Worlds 2020 was to be held later in Shanghai, the event […]

David Beckham Confirmed as Major Investor in Guild Esports

Ex-Manchester United and England legend David Beckham has officially made a major investment in Guild Esports. The gaming organization is based in London and aims to attract more investors shortly. Guild esports in a new startup, under the ownership of Blue Star Capital PLC. Its objective is to make a big impact on the UK […]