LPL Spring 2022 EDward Gaming vs JD Gaming

The second day of the LPL Springs 2022 starts with EDward Gaming, the LOL world Champions, playing against JD Gaming What is there to say about the current League of Legends world champions. The Chinese side reigned supreme as they silenced their critics by taking down the almighty DWG Kia in the grand finale. And […]

Who will win LPL 2022 Spring?

Plenty of exciting things are happening for the upcoming LPL 2022 Spring Season. As always, Edward Gaming and Royal Never Give Up are amongst the top contenders, yet LNG has also been making big announcements. Meanwhile, Top Esports are known to make headlines yet they still have a long way to go to be considered […]

EDG is crowned champion of Worlds 2021

Edward Gaming made history at this year’s World Championship by defeating the defending champion DK convincingly. Result of Worlds 2021 – final match between DK and EDG GameTeam 1ScoreTeam 2firstDK0-1EDG2DK1-1EDG3DK2-1EDG4DK2-2EDG5DK2-3EDG Game 1: DK 0-1 EDG With two extremely annoying Yasuo and Xinzhao cards, DK aims to completely nullify Jhin’s ultimate as well as damage from […]

Worlds 2021 Gen.G vs EDward Gaming

Gen.G is amongst the three LCK teams representing the South Korean region. The team arrived as the third seed and was not predicted to reach this stage of the competition. However, they proved the haters wrong as they claimed the top spot in their group after facing fierce competition. At the end of the normal […]

Words 2021 EDward Gaming vs Royal Never Give Up

EDward Gaming makes its way from China’s LPL. At the time of this writing, it is considered the toughest region in the competitive landscape, since new powerhouses are always emerging from the region. In the recent split, EDG showed a strong performance as they achieved a second-place finish in the regular season after 12 wins […]

Worlds 2021 100 Thieves vs EDward Gaming

In this article, we are going to talk about 100 Thieves vs EDward Gaming. Both teams will play twice Saturday but this match is probably the most important for both teams. 100 Thieves and EDward Gaming met in the opening game of Group B and it is fair to say that it was a comfortable 19-7 […]

Worlds 2021 EDward Gaming vs T1

EDward Gaming vs T1 is probably the most interesting match of this Saturday in the Worlds 2021. Two of the best team in the world fight against each other EDward Gaming arrives in this competition after having a decent 2021 season. The team finished at 3rd place in the Spring Season and then claimed the […]

Worlds 2021 EDward Gaming vs 100 Thieves

Another very interesting match to follow in the Worlds 2021 group stage is the one between EDward Gaming vs 100 Thieves. The Chinese team is the favorite, but will they win? EDward will be arriving in the group stage with momentum on its side. Since the team took down the MSI champions, Royal Never Give […]

LOL LPL Summer Edward Gaming vs Victory Five prediction

Tuesday is time for LPL Summer 2021, with two games scheduled, In this article, we will provide you our prediction of Edward Gaming vs Victory Five Edward Gaming vs Victory Five Our Prediction Who will win: Edward Gaming will winWhere to bet: Our next focus will be on the LPL where EDward Gaming takes […]

LNG Esports vs Edward Gaming Betting Preview

Thursday in the LPL two matches will be played. In the first one Team WE will fight against OMG in the second one EDward Gaming will play against LNG eSports. In this article, we will provide you our Betting Predictions and Picks for LNG Esports vs Edward Gaming LNG Esports vs Edward Gaming This is […]