NFL sims Bovada, why you should start


If you are an NFL fan this article is for you. We will tell you why you should start betting on NFL Sims Bovada. NFL SIMS is the best way to bet on the NFL all year round, 365 days a year. Yes, you can bet even now, during the offseason or during the regular season. In this article, we will explain to you why NFL Sims Bovada is the right place for you.

What is NFL SIMS?

NFL SIMS is a simulation of an NFL game played on Madden, the # 1 game on the NFL. The PC plays the game taking into account the values ​​of the two teams, injuries, weather conditions, and all those factors that affect a match. So you, NFL expert, know in principle who will win that game, using your knowledge, you can bet and win on the match.

Remember the rosters are the real ones, so you won’t find Tom Brady at the New York Jets, no they are all real teams, you just have to check what roster it is. Is it the one of 2020 or the one of last year?

Not only that, like a real NFL game you can watch the match live and bet in real time. In NFL Sims Bovada offers you the odds before the game starts. When the game starts, you can find a link on Twitch where you can watch the match live and bet, if you want, in real time.

The importance of settings

Remember to check your match settings before betting. What level of play is it? What weather conditions are expected? Receiving in the snow is not easy, if a team tends to throw a lot it will be negatively affected by bad weather. What rosters are used? Are they using the roster of 2020? Are those updated to the last season or the last game? One thing is betting on the New England Patriots with Tom Brady another one is betting the New England to win without Tom Brady right?

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This is all very important information that you will always find on NFL Sims Bovada. So before you bet, check the settings and then go and bet.

Star Players

Remember in NFL SIMS the Star Players make the difference so always study who plays and what are the rankings of the various teams. Remember that it is a simulation but sometimes the values ​​of some players do not reflect what you think of these players. Players like Tom Brady make a difference to an NFL SIMS, more than in real life but other players have rating higher that you would thought and could have a huge impact on the match.

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Adjustments to halftime

A very important thing. The AI ​​is attentive to the progress of the game, usually at half-time the losing team is very good at regrouping and finding countermeasures. If you have to bet live, betting at half-time could be a very smart move.

Beware of bugs

Madden is one of the most beautiful and realistic games but it is always a game. Especially the Madden 21 version has many bugs, be careful because these, unfortunately, can affect the result. For this reason, Bovada still prefers to simulate on Madden 20, pending the release of Madden 22 which promises to solve many problems.

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Why NFL SIMS Bovada?

If you want to bet on NFL Sims you have to choose Bovada. Why? Because Bovada every day, even during the off season, guarantees you 2 games a day. So you can truly bet every single day.

Bovada is the number 1 bookmaker in the USA, it is the most reliable, the safest, the fastest in payments and also offers you the most competitive odds on the market. Look at our Bovada Review for more info. If you want to start betting on NFL SIMS click here

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