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Bovada is one of the best bookmakers in the US market and it’s now offering NFL SIMS. Betting in Madden NFL is quite simple, and the stakes follow quite the same routine as they would in a real NFL match. But some things like weather, roster, etc. are mostly predetermined, so bettors don’t have to worry about all the niches like weather conditions, their favorite player not getting in the first half, etc. But that is not to say that the weather does not matter in Madden NFL 20.

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The weather still affects how the players on the field will perform individually, and the game has gone to quite some major lengths to make it like that. It is just that the bettors would know beforehand what the weather will be like before they place their bets.

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Bovada NFL SIMS today are Buffalo Bills vs New England Patriots and New Orleans Saints vs Dallas Cowboy

Buffalo Bills vs New England Patriots

The first Bovada NFL SIMS is Buffalo against New England. Please note this game will be played in Light snow so this will affect the performance. New England has still Tom Brady and a great defense, they are the favorite to win this match. So let’s look at the Spread -11,5 for the Pats is something achievable. So we would suggest Patriots to cover the spread of -11,5 at -115.

New Orleans Saints vs Dallas Cowboys

The second Bovada NFL SIMS match is Saints vs Cowboys. This is a very exciting match between to great team. The Saints are the favorite here but Dallas with still Elliot and Dak can win this match. Bovada agrees with us, the match will be close but the Saints are a better team and should win this match. Bovada offers you New Orleans to win at – 110. Remember you can follow this match live on Bovada website.

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