Bovada NFL SIMS 11/17


Tuesday brings other 2 NFL SIMS offered by Bovada the best bookmaker in the US Market (read our review here). Two matches today, two NFL SIMS to bet on with our tips.Two matches today, two NFL SIMS to bet on with our tips. 

What is NFL SIMS or Madden SIMS? The Madden Sims trims the matches into something extremely short, where a regular Football match takes around three to four hours, the simulated game on Madden NFL is just one hour long and combined that with epic, lifelike graphics and fantastic commentary, make these simulations not only on par with real NFL matches but rather much exciting and perfect for betting online. Why Betting on eSports?

Bovada Esports why you have to try it

Cincinnati Bengals vs Tennesse Titans

The first NFL SIMS match of the day is Cincinnati vs Tennesse. Before we start, remember this is the roster updated to the end of 2019-2020 season. For Madden 20 Titans and Bengals are two teams at the same level. Titans had an OVR 81 while Bengals OVR 80. Titans have a better offense and we believe they are going to win this match but it could be close. If you want to risk you could go for Cincinnati to lose with less than 6 points of difference. Our bet is Titans to win at -240

Denver Broncos vs Detroit Lions

In the second NFL SIMS match, there could be a surprise. Detroit Lions at home against the Denver Broncos. For Madden 20 Denver is a better team than Detroit. Denver is OVR 81 while Detroit is OVR 80. Bovada is offering Denver to win at +115 we would definitely go with that. We believe here there is a mistake from the bookmaker.

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