Bovada NFL SIMS 10/22


Another day of NFL SIMS offered by Bovada the best bookmaker in the US Market (read our review here). Two matches today, two NFL SIMS to bet on with our tips.

What is NFL SIMS or Madden SIMS? The Madden Sims trims the matches into something extremely short, where a regular Football match takes around three to four hours, the simulated game on Madden NFL is just one hour long and combined that with epic, lifelike graphics and fantastic commentary, make these simulations not only on par with real NFL matches but rather much exciting and perfect for betting online. Why Betting on eSports?

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Minnesota Vikings vs San Francisco 49ers

This NFL SIMS is one of the most interesting of the week, the Vikings have a great defense and were supposed to fight for the NFC North. On the other side, the 49ers are a team that should fight for the Super Bowl. In NFL Madden San Francisco is a very good team to play with for this reason we believe they are going to win this match. Remember that the level will be a rookie.

For us 49ers will win at Bovada offers you San Francisco 49ers to win at -240

New Orleans Saints vs Seattle Seahawks

This is a great NFL SIMS match. Drew Brees against Russell Wilson, two of the best QB playing against each other. Wilson rating in Madden is 97, Dree Brees 94 only Mahomes has a higher rating. The Saints are the best team on Madden while the Seahawks are only the 17th. This helps you understand who is going to win this match. At -130 Saints are a great pick you shouldn’t miss.

Remember this is a simulation of a game that tries to be more realistic as possible but the Saints are a better team on Madden and for this reason, they should win this match. Bovada offers you Saints to win at -130.

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