Top five supports at the League of Legends World Championship

Top five supports at the League of Legends

League of Legends world championship is just a week away, and finally, there won’t be any more delays. So in preparation for the 10th LoL Championship, where some of the world’s best players are expected to make appearances. Let us take a look at the top 5 League of Legends Support players and see what this year’s best of the best has to offer.

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5. Kaiser:

Starting off with a hidden gem, Norman Kaiser, AKA Kaiser, is a rising star in the professional League of Legends competitive Arena’s. Although not much was expected of him when he got scouted in the new rebranded MAD Lions, but since, Kaiser has shown again and again that new talent is just as skilled in League of Legends as their more experienced peers and is regarded as one of the best LoL supports in the whole of Europe.

4. SwordArt:

Back to the experienced bunch, Hu Shuo-Chieh SwortArt is one of the OG League of Legends professional players at this point. He started his career in 2015, and since has, again and again, proved his skill on the Rift as one of the best Supporters all around. He was one of the most Key players for LMS and GPL, and now he is finally making a comeback in the world championship with Suning.

3. Keria:

Another rising star from Korea, Ryu Min-Seok AKA Keria, started his career as a professional League of Legends player in 2017, and for a fairly new League of Legends player when compared to other more experienced members on the DRX team, Keria has managed to differentiate himself from the crowd as one of the best supports in Korea.

Keria, even when he started his career, was lauded by his teammate, Kim Hyuk-Kyu AKA Deft, as the best support player in Korea, and since Keria has continued on to perform on the Rift and has become one of the most essential players on the DRX roster this championship.

2. BeryL

In 2017, Cho Geon-hee AKA BeryL surprised everyone by his performance in one of the most competitive League of Legends team, DAMWON. The team is notorious for having players preferring solo play most of the time, and BeryL is no different. Nobody knows when BeryL will start Roaming, but when he does, the enemy team quickly finds itself in a lot of trouble.

BeryL likes to play aggressively, and his performance this last season was more than just indicative of that. With just Pantheon, he scored an overall 9-1 ratio, which is insane, and with such strong play, he is easily one of the most prominent players to compete in the League of Legends World Championship.

1. LvMao

And last but not the least, we have Zuo Ming-Hao AKA LvMao. A case can be made here that BeryL and LvMao are comparable players, and LvMao’s performance is a bit weaker, somewhat inconsistent when compared to BeryL. But League is a team game, and JD Gaming rosters have a near-perfect lineup where the players play in sync with each other and cover each other’s weaknesses. And that fact makes LvMao one of the best all-rounder supporter that is able to pul insane unthinkable moves even when in a bind.

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