LOL Worlds prediction LGD gaming vs V3 Esports

LGD gaming vs V3 Esports

The League of Legends Worlds 2020 have started and there is already some interesting match to bet on. Bovada, Betonline, (very good if you want to use Bitcoins) are offering exciting odds for this competition, so let’s start and have a look!

LGD gaming vs V3 Esports

LGD will play against V3 ESPORTS. LGD Gaming, one of the most famous esports teams in China, created the League of Legends team in 2012. LGD have surprisingly lost the first match of the Words 2020 while V3 Esports have won. LGD need to win this match and it’s the clear favorite for all the bookies.

Bovada offers LGD Gaming winning at -1200 which is at the moment of writing better than the odds offered by Betonline. Interesting looking also at the Spread. Bovada is the best bookmaker in the US and offers very good odds for eSports.


On Betonline LGD Gaming is favorite with -1250. So at the moment, Bovada has the best offer if you want to back the favorite. Instead, if you think there is going to be a surprise and LGD Gaming will lose the second match in the LOL Worlds 2020 then Betonline is offering the best odds with +629

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