LCS Lock-in prediction and picks Friday 21 January

LCS Lock-in prediction and picks Friday 21 January

The LCS is back and returns with 4 very interesting matches to be followed carefully. In this article, we will give you our prediction.

Cloud9 vs 100 Thieves

Perhaps the match between Cloud9 and 100 Thieves is the most interesting match of the day. The first of group A against the second of the same group. Cloud9 is flying with 3 wins and no losses. 100 Thieves instead has 2 wins and 1 loss.

100 Thieves can’t afford to lose, FlyQuest is one step away and has already beaten them last week, but Cloud9 has now become an almost unbeatable team and they will try to secure first place in Group A

Who will win?

Bookmakers give 100 Thieves as the favorite for this match. Instead, we believe Cloud9 will win. The share is very interesting on BETONLINE

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Team Liquid vs Immortals

The second game of the day sees Team Liquid take on Immortals. Team Liquid is trying to get back to being the strongest team in LOL America but we haven’t made it to the finish yet. In group B Team Liquid is second with 2 wins and 1 loss.

On the other hand, Immortals Progressive is in great difficulty. In fact, the team is the only one together with the Golden Guardians to have not yet won an official match. Immortals is in fact stopped at zero wins and 3 losses.

Team Liquid wants to win hoping that Dignitas stops Evil Geniuses.

Who will win?

I think there is little doubt about this match. Team Liquid is definitely a favorite for the final win and should take the game home.

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Team SoloMid vs Golden Guardians

Friday’s third match sees Team SoloMid take on Golden Guardians. A match between two teams that are struggling to finish last in Group A. Team SoloMid has 1 win and 2 losses while Golden Guardians has not yet won a match.

The problems concerning Mr. Andy “Reginald” Dinh certainly had an impact on SoloMid’s performance and could also affect this challenge so you have to be careful.

Who will win?

We believe that Golden Guardians can hit the spot and win this challenge. The favorites for the bookies are Team SoloMid but we think there will be a surprise.

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Evil Geniuses vs Dignitas

The last match on Friday is the one that sees Evil Geniuses against Dignitas. Evil Geniuses ranked first in Group B has not lost a match yet and has 3 wins. On the other hand, Dignitas is still at 1-1.

Having played one less challenge than the others, it is difficult to understand the real value of Dignitas, a team that has done well in the past. But Evil Geniuses are a very solid team and this year they started very well and are aiming to win the tournament.

Who will win?

Evil Geniuses doesn’t want to stop and in our opinion, they are the favorite to win this match.

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