Esports betting tips – How to bet on League of Legends

How to bet on LOL

How to bet on League of Legends? Well League of Legends is a computer game (Windows, Mac) developed by the company Riot Games. Two teams face each other, on a virtual map. Each team usually consists of five members who can choose their avatar, called “Champion” at LoL, before the start.

Both teams are placed on the map near the main building, the “Nexus”. The goal now is to destroy the opposing nexus while your own Nexus remains intact. In the course of this, the champions in the game can reach different levels of experience, for example when eliminating computer-controlled monsters called minions.

In League of Legends, each game lasts for about 30 minutes. The professionals combine intelligence, speed, and strategy in one, so they face each other in the numerous League of Legends tournaments you can bet on.

Where can you bet on League of Legends?

Due to the increasing popularity of esports in general, you can bet on League of Legends quite easily. Bookmakers like the one we rate here set up an entire esports section, where extensive betting options are offered for LoL betting. Do you want to pick the best ones? Here are the top 5

What competitions are there at League of Legends?

As in other sports, League of Legends has different leagues, with the best players playing in the best leagues with the highest prize money. The main leagues are:

  • World Championship: 1x annually, organizer: Riot Games
  • ESL (Electronic Sports League): A German organizer, subsidiary of the Cologne-based eSports company Turtle Entertainment.
  • Premier Tour: League of League of Legends publisher Riot
  • LEC (League of Legends European Championship): European professional league
  • MSI (Mid-Season Invitational): 1x annually, organizer: Riot Games
  • All-Star: once a year, the most popular pro players take part

In addition to these professional leagues, there are also smaller tournaments that betting providers can often bet on. There are also qualifiers for the mentioned tournaments, which you can find at multiple betting providers.

What types of bets are there in League of Legends?

If you bet on football, for example, you will usually see over 100 types of bets with many betting providers. There are not that many in League of Legends, but you can still bet on many events here:

  • Victory bets
  • Maps handicap
  • Total number of maps
  • Exact result
  • Team A / B Number of maps won
  • First Kill
  • Kills Even / Odd
  • Total number of towers / barons / dragons / inhibitors

Not only teams on individual games are possible, but also so-called long-term bets such as:

  • Who will win the tournament?
  • Who will reach the final?
  • How far does player XY get?

What can I bet live on at League of Legends?

Live betting is possible in League of Legends. But you have to be at least as fast as the players themselves because odds adapt quickly.

League of Legends betting has long been possible due to increasing betting providers. You can get the best odds, but you should also compare them. You are also better off with some bookmakers than with others when it comes to betting and live streams.

League of Legends best betting sites

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