Madden Sims Betting: Where to Bet and Gambling Tips

With NFL and other major sporting events getting postponed, some of the main NFL betting websites have decided to take advantage of the growing trend of virtual tournaments held on Virtual platforms like Madden NFL 20 and amidst the delays, allow people to bet on these simulated matches just like they would do in a real NFL series. 

The Madden Sims trims the matches into something extremely short, where a regular Football match takes around three to four hours, the simulated game on Madden NFL is just one hour long and combined that with epic, lifelike graphics and fantastic commentary, make these simulations not only on par with real NFL matches but rather much exciting and perfect for betting online. Why Betting on eSports?

So, how and where can you bet on Madden NFL Virtual matches?

Betting in Madden NFL is quite simple, and the stakes follow quite the same routine as they would in a real NFL match. But some things like weather, roster, etc. are mostly predetermined, so bettors don’t have to worry about all the niches like weather conditions, their favorite player not getting in the first half, etc. But that is not to say that the weather does not matter in Madden NFL 20. The weather still affects how the players on the field will perform individually, and the game has gone to quite some major lengths to make it like that. It is just that the bettors would know beforehand what the weather will be like before they place their bets. 

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And to add more to the realism of the game, you also need real-life information about the players as the Madden NFL 20’s staff works quite rigorously to make the real players counterparts in the virtual platforms reflect their real abilities and such to make the game, even more, reflect real-life conditions and determine the win through extraordinarily AI’s playing the bouts against each other in real-time. So, these simulations are completely out of the hand of the sportsbook, and you can just bet on these games without worrying much about the bookmaker influencing the outcome.

Betting websites like Xbet, Bovada, GTBets, MyBookie, or BetOnline and many more recognized sites all offer a reliable platform to bet and stream the live matches on Twitch and see how your bet plays out in real-time.

Tips for placing bets in Madden NFL 20

Don’t Play for Favorites: Despite how much hard work the Madden NFL 20 staff have put into the game to reflect real-time matches, these games are still simulations and quite a lot more unpredictable than real NFL matches, albeit, the players’ abilities do affect how the match plays out, but nothing is set in stone here.

Take advantage of Halftime Adjustments: Many times in Madden NFL 20, teams dominate the first half and often waste out in the second, so betting under in the first and overs in the second half could yield you the results you want.

Beware of the Glitches: Madden NFL 20, no matter how much polished it is, the game has some minor glitches here and there that could affect the outcome as you bite down your nails in frustration. So take these glitches into consideration when placing your bet in Madden NFL 20.