Esports vs Sim Sports

What is the difference between eSports and Sim Sports? We often see Sim Sports and eSports and people may think they are the same thing but there is a big difference between the two. eSports is where a gamer or a team plays against another gamer or another team. Sim Sports instead it is all managed by AI. 

Not only that, but the team’s squads are also the real ones, there are no players who have been bought from one team to another. For the bettor, there is a completely simulated game to bet on. It is as if the New England Patriots were playing against the Dallas Cowboys, only that in Sim Sports it is the computer that simulates the game and allowing you to bet on it. 

The roster is the current one and the computer evaluating the characteristics of each player simulates a game. You as a sports expert know who is the favorite and who isn’t. And that’s a huge advantage for you when you want to bet.

Sim Sports Tournament vs eSports Tournament

Esports tournaments like the Overwatch League are organized by Blizzard and have rules and players coming from different places. Matches are broadcast live or you can buy tickets to see the events in arenas. Sim Sports events instead are created by the bookmakers, you can only see them on streaming. Every bookmaker has its own SimSports events. But if the matches are created by bookmakers how can I be sure that the matches are not rigged? The bookmaker could make every time to win the team that suits them. Rest assured because the bookmaker organizes the games but then the game’s AI manages the game and the bookmakers cannot intervene on that. The mode is the highest one to make the games exciting.

Why should bet on Sim Sports?

If you come from sports betting, betting on Sim Sports will be easier. The values are those of the real teams, the ones you know and you bet on regularly. The games will be played by artificial intelligence, this means that the victory will not be tied to the gamer’s ability but to the real value of the team. For this reason, we recommend switching to Sim Sports to those who previously bet on sport because the transition will be easy for you. 

On which Sim sports can you bet?

There are many games to bet on but obviously, the most famous ones are the ones you can bet on, The games available normally are



Madden 21 – NFL




MLB the Show 20

F1 2020

Some bookmakers will put this under the Esports menu while others prefer to have another section called Sims or Sim Sports. Every year the updated versions of the sports games come out, and the rosters and their values are updated weekly. This means that if Tom Brady were injured he would not be available that week, if a player changes teams, he is automatically moved to the new team if a player improves his rating in the game will increase.

Why should I bet on eSports?

If you love video games like overwatch or Lol then eSports is the perfect option for you. If you are a passionate gamer then you will love betting on eSports. You know everything about the game and you probably know everything about the players. Is always better to study before betting.

Best bookmakers for Sim Sports?

There are a lot of great bookmakers out there but we have selected for you the top 5 for betting on Sims Sports. We selected the most reliable and the one with the best bonus. We also chose the bookmakers that offer the wider selection of Sims Sports.

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