How to Bet on FIFA Sims

How to Bet on FIFA Sims

Online Simulated Sports betting has been on the rise lately. With the unfortunate delays in sports series that we have had the chance to witness this year, and the popularity of E-Sports has skyrocketed, and many online betting sites have taken the trend to the next level. Offering simulation betting options on popular video game sports like Madden NFL/NBA titles, NBA 2K series, and the focus of today’s guide, the well known FIFA video game franchise.


Now, simulated betting is finally recognized and accepted form of betting legally in the USA. So domestic sportsbooks do now accept wagers on simulated sports

This are the best Bookmakers for Betting on Sims Sports

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Even if it’s a very young Bookmaker MyBookie is the best Bookmaker in the US market. Unbelievable Bonus! MyBookie offers a lot of options in Esports
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Xbet is the little brother of Mybookie. Unlike a few other online casinos and online sportsbooks, this bookie provides full 24-hour customer services, available seven days a week and throughout the year Very fast payout a lot of esports to bet makes Xbet one of our favorite bookmakers.
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If you want to bet in Esports using Bitcoin is the right place for you. Crypto bonus are great and you have a lot of different esports to bet. Payout and deposit in Bitcoin are fast and without fees.
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Since December 2011, Bovada has been offering online betting experiences like no other. Bovada has never missed a payout, so expect to get paid – fast.

What do you need to know before you start betting on FIFA 20 SIMS?

Now, betting on FIFA 20 is quite simple and almost the same as gambling in any other sports. You would bet on these sports as you would normally do in real life sports, but since this is virtual betting, there are many minor and other major differences.

Minor differences:

Some minor variations are that the bookmaker can time each match, give the bettors information about the weather, paper stats of each player on each team, which here, reflects each team’s in-game performance even more precisely than any real-life sports game. And then the bettors also get the information about type of match being played all before the betting on that match has even started. 

Major differences:

The major variations are where, as a bettor, you actually need to pay attention. The simulation FIFA betting, if you already don’t know, actually puts two CPU’s against each other in real-time. Both of these CPU’s sue the in-game AI to play the game against each other in real-time. And here, you can actually view the ongoing match through a live twitch stream and such. 

Since these matches are virtual, the game also trims away excessive time, and each match just lasts around 20 minutes at most, which not only saves your time but will also allow you to go from one match to another quickly. And since the player’s in-game performance reflects their real-life performance, if you already know about the history of real teams, you can easily deduce a winner based on that those stats that actually translate to real-time performance in FIFA 20. 

Recommended SIM Betting sites for FIFA 20:

Right now, there are a ton of sites that you can use to bet in FIFA 20, but if you don’t want to take a risk with an unknown site and just want a good time betting, then our recommended sites like, Bovada, BetOnline, MyBookie, etc. who have long-standing popularity as reputable betting sites will suit you well.

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