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Valorant, like LOL is a free to play game only on PC, without loot box (clear reference to Overwatch) where 2 teams made up of 5 agents, so they are called the players in the game. The environment is similar to that of CS: GO a team must bring the Spike (the bomb) to detonate while the other team must prevent it by eliminating the opposing team.There are 25 rounds of 100 seconds each, the first team to win 13 rounds wins the game.


Riot Games has revealed the newest agent codenamed ‘Sprinter’

Neon is a Filipino female agent and the first Valorant agent from Southeast Asia with codenamed ‘Sprinter.’ On the homepage, Riot Games has published incomplete images of Neon. In the introductory video, Neon appears magically next to lightning. Previously, the publisher revealed that Neon is a name that possesses formidable speed and does not hesitate to rush into fights. Most…

LPL 2021 Spring Cup Nebula vs Hero ESports

We got to the sixth round of the LPL 2021 Spring Cup di Valorant. 9 Australian teams in un single round Tobin format plays in a match of best of 3, the top team will reach the playoff. Two matches are scheduled this Tuesday. Here are our betting prediction. Nebula vs Hero ESports The second game of the day is…

LPL 2021 Spring Cup Nation Fan Club vs Legacy

We got to the sixth round of the LPL 2021 Spring Cup di Valorant. 9 Australian teams in un single round Tobin format plays in match of best of 3, the top team will reach the playoff. Two matches are scheduled this Tuesday. Here are our betting prediction Nation Fan Club vs Legacy National Fan Club is 7th with 1…

Saigon Buffalo vs Burst The Sky Esports

In the VCS 2021 Winter Saigon Buffalo will be taking on Burst The Sky Esports in their second game of the group stage. Saigon has a winning start to the competition as they beat Team Flash in the opening game. Meanwhile, Burst the Sky will be aiming for a solid start. Trending5 reasons why You Should Bet on eSports However,…

VALORANT cNed admits to being involved in money laundering on Twitch

Mehmet “cNed” Yagiz Ipek is in trouble for being involved in a money-laundering scandal that rocked the Turkish Esports village. Sharing in the latest stream, cNed revealed: “Honestly, I have not made any statement about this incident at all. I also never once texted the guy providing the bit, and we have never contacted directly. He talked to my brother…

Sentinels have a new coach ahead of Valorant Champions

After the defeat at the Masters 3, the Sentinels appointed the coach to wait for a better result at the Valorant Champions. On the homepage, Sentinels officially announced the signing of coach Shane “Rawkus” Flaherty. In North America, Rawkus is no longer a strange name when he once led FaZe Clan. However, in the 2021 season, FaZe Clan did not…

Cloud9 secures final NA spot at VCT Champions 2021

Cloud9 have done it, they actually made it through to the bitter-sweet end where they’ll be joining Team Envy and Sentinels for VCT Champions 2021. As the tensions were running high due to COVID technical issues, the final roster for the VCT Champions event has finally been settled as the three teams mentioned above will be the ones heading onwards…

LVP – Rising Series Movistar Riders vs UCAM Esports Club

In this article, we are going to give you our betting prediction of the LVP Rising Serie Final match Movistar Riders vs UCAM Esports Club. Who will win? TrendingBetting with Bitcoin in eSports Two Spanish sides will compete for supremacy in this semifinal of the LVP, Rising Series. Movistar Riders have performed brilliantly in the competition so far as they…

New Valorant agent Chamber revealed abilities & release date

Are you ready? Are you truly ready? Can you 100% say that you are mentally prepared for this news? Well then, ready or not, the French Sentinel’s coming your way! Riot Games have finally released a statement in which they claimed that a new Valorant agent will be showing up soon enough and his name is French Sentinel. This brand-new…

eSports Betting Gen.G Esports vs Luminosity Gaming

Gen.G Esports and Luminosity will be competing for survival in this lower bracket encounter. Both teams have lost their upper bracket games of the competition as Gen.G lost to the mighty 100 Thieves, while XSET beat Luminosity. Trending5 Reasons Why You Should Start Betting on League of Legends Both teams have had their fair share of struggles as Gen.G has…

Prediction Version1 vs Cloud9 Blue

Version1 is experiencing its fair share of struggles as the team has finished dead last in the  Champions Tour 2021: North America Challengers 1 as well as in Challengers 2. TrendingHow to Make Money Betting on eSports They will not be excited coming into this game against Cloud9 as the Korean side is coming into this competition as the favorites.…

Valorant Betting FaZe Clan vs Rise

The two titans of the NA region will compete for supremacy in this battle for the upper bracket. FaZe has performed quite well recently as they finished at 2nd place in the VCT 2021: North America Stage 3 Challengers 2. TrendingValorant Betting, why is the perfect time to start The team played brilliantly as they beat Pioneers, T1, Rise, Luminosity…
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