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New Valorant agent Chamber revealed abilities & release date

Are you ready? Are you truly ready? Can you 100% say that you are mentally prepared for this news? Well then, ready or not, the French Sentinel’s coming your way! Riot Games have finally released a statement in which they claimed that a new Valorant agent will be showing up soon enough and his name is French Sentinel. This brand-new…

How to play Valorant with a Controller?

Valorant took the world by storm back when it first came out, it was literally everything that gamers could ever ask for from an online FPS and more. It was the perfect blend of Counter Strike: Global Offense and Overwatch, and it’s been going strong ever since it first came out. It definitely added a lot to the FPS community…

How to become a PRO in Valorant?

It is no secret that top players in esports make millions of dollars every year. The esports industry has excelled to new heights in recent years, and it’s not surprising that an online professional athlete makes $ 600,000 a year. The term “professional gamer” sounded like a fantasy a few years ago, but times have changed. Playing games professionally has…

Valorant Agent Guide KAY/O

On 22nd June, Riot revealed the newest Agent for Valorant, KAY/O. On the first look, it appears to be a sparring bot, who has reached sentience to take revenge on all the players in the game. With his arrival, the Agent roster of Valorants has now grown to 17. KAY/O arrives at the latest meta with an exceptional set of…

Valorant Agent Tiers after patch 2.05

Valorant is the latest mainstream first-person shooter in the gaming scene. It took the community by storm with its innovative and tactical gameplay. The game is currently one of the most viewed games on the entire planet and the hype doesn’t seem to stop any sooner. Valorant incorporates agents who have unique different abilities and an economic system in its…


Skye is an initiator class agent in the booming FPS title, Valorant. Hailing from Australia, her character and ability kit are based on animals. Her love for wildlife gives her some trusty companions who can help her in her combat. Her ability kit consists of all sorts of utilities from flashes to healing and seeking enemies making her a versatile…