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Valorant, the new Riot Games game, is experiencing one huge success after another. However, is Valorant ultimately too similar to CS:GO? Does this make the game feel stayed and stale? In a word, NO! We can say without a doubt that Riot Games has studied its competitors and made a sterling effort to distill the very finest elements into its Valorant offering to the world of esports.

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One of Riot Games stated goals was to create a game that was completely different from League of Legends, the other big name in its stable, so naturally, the company looked at the massively successful Counter Strike for inspiration.

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Like Counter-Strike, the match is a 5v5 with one side attempting to plant a bomb and the other trying to stop them doing so, in a “first to thirteen wins” esports setting. Between rounds Valorant features the familar “Buy Phase” during which both teams purchase skills and weapons for the next engagement. Valorant’s shooting mechanics are practically identical to CS:GO, with players having to stop in order to aim more acurately, and able to run with knives or lighter weapons allowing them to move faster. Because of all these similarities, we have already seen many players easily switch from CS:GO to Valorant.

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Valorant’s Agents

Each player is given only one life for their selected character, which Valorant calls Agents. When comparing Valorant vs Counter Strike, this is one of the main differences. Further, each Valorant Agent has his or her own “Signature Ability.”

There are twelve Agents in total:

  • Breach, the Bionic Swede
  • Brimstone, the “Boots on the Ground” Commander
  • Cypher, the Morroccan Surveillance Specialist
  • Jett, the Quick and Light Runner, similar to Overwatch’s Tracer
  • Killjoy, the German Inventor who’s full of gadgets
  • Omen, the Shadow Hunter
  • Phoenix, the Fiery One
  • Raze, the Blunt-Force-Trauma Specialist
  • Reyna, the Single Combat Specialist
  • Sage, the Healer, similar to Overwatch’s Mercy
  • Sova, the Archetypical Male Hero
  • Viper, a female agent with a deadly attitude

Weapons And Shields

Valorant’s weaponry is far more futuristic than CS:GO’s and therefore reminiscent of other games, such as Apex Legends. There are six different weapon categories: 

  • Sidearms 
  • SMGs 
  • Rifles
  • Shotguns
  • Snipers
  • Heavy

Weapon choice options are still extremely limited, compared to CS:GO, which, over the years, has amassed an impressive array of weaponry and shields. Then again, Valorant is still in the closed beta phase, so it’s still early days.

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