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Valorant Agent Guide Viper

Viper is a Controller class agent in the fan-favorite tactical FPS, Valorant. Coming from the United States, her abilities are built around poisonous chemical devices enabling a very unique and fun gameplay style too. She is one of the most underrated agents in the entire game and her creative abilities not only deal damage to enemies but also confuse the…

Valorant Agent Guide: Jett

Jett is a Duelist class agent in the latest tactical FPS by Riot, Valorant. Coming from Korea, her agile and evasive playstyle makes her one of the most fun and aggressive agents in the game. Jett prioritizes movement over everything and she is also among the very few agents that are equipped with a passive ability. 1 Read Review 50%…

Valorant Agent Guide: Sova

Sova is an Initiator class agent in the currently hottest game in the town, Valorant. He lands on tier A on the agent tier list due to his amazing scouting abilities and difficult playstyle. Coming from Russia, Sova brings more fun into the game with his Russian accent and voice lines. Even though his abilities are centered around getting information…

Valorant Agent Guide: Phoenix

Phoenix is a Duelist class agent in the game. His British background, his voice-line, and his abilities, all make him a fun agent to play. His abilities are associated with fire and his ultimate is, in fact, a resemblance of the Greek mythological creature, phoenix. He is also one of the few agents who are equipped with a flashing ability.…

Valorant Agent Guide Brimstone

Brimstone, since the release of the game in June this year, has become one of the most valuable and important Valorant agents to have on your team. The agent is recognized for his unmatched ability to control the map and epic selection of grenade centered play that is a force to be reckoned with. While other popular agents like the…


Omen is a Controller class agent in the hottest tactical FPS in town, Valorant. Omen is one of the most interesting agents in the entire team as his abilities are very useful and self-sufficient and also unlike other agents, Omen’s origins are unknown. Omen’s abilities are built around shadows and he’s often referred to as the shadow hunter in the…
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