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DOTA is an acronym for Defense Of The Ancients and DOTA 2 is a highly sought after the game that was launched following the footsteps of League of Legends both of which are examples of Multiplayer Online Battle Arena games also known as MOBA in which two teams, each having 5 players, compete against each other to destroy the opponents.


eSports Betting Tips – Dota 2 China Pro Cup

Dota 2 is a famous game that is not only popular in North America and European countries but has also gained a lot of fame among players from Asian countries primarily China. China now offers huge growth potential to gamers and a separate China Dota 2 Pro Club, therefore, exists that enables the gamers of the country to compete against…

eSports Betting Tips: China Dota 2 Pro Cup

In this article, we will have a comprehensive look at some of the most anticipated matches of the China Dota 2 Pro Cup Season 1. The competitions host some of the best teams of the Chinese region. The competition is divided into two phases. The first phase in the group stage where ten teams have been divided into two groups.…

eSports betting tips – DOTA 2 Bts Pro Series: Americas

Dota 2 never stops, every week there is a new event to follow. Today we are focused on the Dota 2 BTS Pro Series. 3 matches to follow offred by, one of the best bookies for eSports. Three matches are very interesting. 1 Read Review Welcome Offer (Crypto) 100% Cash (up to $300) Visit started offering Esports in…

Dota 2 Update on Competitive Scene

The Esports industry was one of those industries that became affected by the COVID 19 pandemic. Before the pandemic in Spring 2020, Valve was planning to organize The International and the Dota Pro Circuit. However, the organization of these two competitions was dependent on the condition of the pandemic. Valve and organizers that were interested in organizing these events would…

Esports betting tips – How to bet on DOTA2

Dota stands for Defense Of The Ancients and is know as a Multiplayer Battle Online Arena (MOBA). Different teams face each other on the PC, and in recent years, a whole professional scene has established around the popular game. In this article, we show you how to place Dota 2 bets. 1 Read Review Signup bonus 50% Up To $1,000…

eSports Betting tips – Dota 2 Betting

Quincy Crew vs. 4 Zoomers is a close call match, despite what the odds tell you. Out of the 25 faceoffs that these teams had over the years, 4 Zoomers have won 13 games, followed closely by Quincy Crew with 12 wins. Both sides are quite on the same skill level, but Quincy Crew a lot more tournaments under their…

Gameplay Format

The format of the gameplay is highly unique in which two teams consisting of five players each try to defend a large structure known as the ANCIENT while trying to destroy the same structure of the enemy base. The team that can destroy this structure before the opponents turn out as the winner.

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