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Device wins IEM Fall 2021 MVP

Chances are, the device lord will create an era with his new team NIP as he did in Astralis. Former Astralis player Nicolai “Device” Reedtz recently won another MVP title of his own in the fall IEM tournament – the tournament ahead of this year’s Stockholm Major. The Device is also the player with the most MVP titles in CS:GO…

BLAST Premier: Fall Showdown 2021 G2 Esports vs Lynn Vision

In this article we are going to provide you our betting prediction of G2 Esports vs Lynn Vision match valid for the BLAST Premier: Fall Showdown 2021 G2 Esports have had its fair share of success in 2021. Their most recent achievement was back in July where the team finished at 2nd place in the Intel Extreme Masters XVI –…

BLAST Premier: Fall Showdown 2021: Complexity vs MIBR

The match we are talking about in this article is Complexity vs MIBR match valid for the BLAST Premier: Fall Showdown 2021 After a series of poor results, Complexity will have victory on their mind as they face the MIBR team. In the past months, the American side only managed poor finishes in some of the biggest competitions of the…

BLAST Premier: Fall Showdown 2021 Dignitas vs Fiend

Dignitas will be aiming to step up their game after the team only managed a 13th-16th place finish in the Intel Extreme Masters XVI – Fall: Europe. The team’s recent success was back in September where they won the BLAST Nordic Masters: Fall 2021. However, since then the team has struggled since aside from disappointing performance in the IEM Master,…

BLAST Premier: Fall Showdown 2021 Heroic vs POGGERZ

The BLAST Premier: fall Showdown 2021 is here, the first match is the one between Heroic vs POGGERZ. In this article we will provide you with our prediction. TrendingBetting with Bitcoin in eSports Heroic will be aiming to get the best possible start to the Fall Showdown campaign. The team will be taking on POGGERZ, an unknown name in the…

Why You Should Bet on CS:GO

CS:GO is one of the most popular eSports game and betting on eSports have become more and more popular. In this article we will tell you why You Should Bet on CS:GO? When it comes to betting online there are plenty of games to choose from that can offer you a pretty big paycheck at the end of the day.…