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ESL’s CS:GO Plan For The Remainder Of 2020

ESL that was formerly known Electronic Sports League is a major esports organizer and production company that produces and arranges esports events around the globe. Image Source These events cover a number of games and one of these hits gaming titles is CS: GO which is not only played by global players but is also loved by them and thus…

ESIC Announces 15 Match-Fixing Investigations into CSGO MDL Matches

Esports has been going through a massive resurgence lately, but, despite all the good news, some old skeletons in the closet are making a comeback, and the ESIC case is just one of the most prominent cases of Match-Fixing in E-Sports to come to light within the gaming industry. It was 18 months ago that ESIC, Esports Integrity Coalition began…

ESL Bans MIBR, Chaos and Hard Legion Coaches for Abusing Visual Bug

ESL is the oldest and largest esports company in the world. It is also the world’s largest esports company that broadcasts on Twitch which makes it extremely vital for the success of esports as a whole. Recent News From ESL The latest news from ESL is regarding Hard Legion, Chaos and MIBR. The coaches of these three CS: GO teams…

Esports Betting Tips – How to Bet on CS: GO

If you want to bet on CSGO games, you should get familiar with the gameplay, the tournament, the teams, and players. Knowledge and information are crucial to place the right bets. Of course, the rules of the game form the necessary basic knowledge. But the theory alone is not enough. You should also understand the game. 1 Read Review 50%…

Valve has added Trusted Mode to help combat CS:GO cheating

The July 8th Counter-Strike: Global Offensive update has brought a new piece of anti-cheat technology to the game to combat cheating. The new addition from Valve is something called “Trusted Mode” which blocks certain types of cheats and limit how third-party software interacts with the game. Valve started testing Trusted Mode in June as a Beta and it’s finally been…

CS:GO Prediction Singularity vs Nemiga

There is a very interesting match today at CS:Go ESEA PREMIER DIVISION. Singularity is playing against Nemiga Gaming. This is my CS:GO Prediction Singularity vs Nemiga, This should be a close match, but I think the odds are not right. So we should try and see if we can make them pay for the mistake. 1 Read Review Signup bonus…
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