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Do you know what is CS:GO? CS:GO, is the acronym for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, is a first-person shooter game that is loved by multiplayer enthusiasts from around the world.

The title is a part of the Counter-Strike franchise and is the fourth iteration of the series. It was released in August 2012 and has since then been one of the best games available to players of this genre.

Availability On Multiple Platforms

The game can be enjoyed on multiple gaming platforms that include PlayStation, Xbox, Microsoft Windows, Linux, and macOS.


The general gameplay comprises of two teams namely the Terrorists and Counter-Terrorists competing against each other to complete various objectives. These objectives vary depending upon the chosen team.


The main objectives of the Terrorists are to plant the bomb and to capture hostages whereas the Counter-Terrorist team uses all possible measures to defuse the bomb and secure the location.

Once the bomb has been planted by Terrorists, the enemies have 40 just seconds to defuse it, which makes the gameplay highly competitive.

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In-Game Currency

The team that completes the objectives before the opponents turns out as the winner and after each gameplay session, players are rewarded with in-game currency which is directly proportional to their performance in the session.

This currency can then be used for acquiring more advanced weapons that play a decisive role in the upcoming gaming sessions.

Buying Weapons

Before each session, a “Buy Time” is presented to players in which they choose the weapons of their liking and purchase them depending upon the availability of in-game currency.

A screen similar to the one shown below is offered to players for this purpose.

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Game Modes

Players of CS: GO have the liberty of choosing from eight different game modes which include:

  • Casual;
  • Competitive;
  • Death Match;
  • Wingman;
  • Arms Race;
  • Demolition;
  • Danger Zone;
  • Flying Scouts.

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Screen Layout

Players participate in the game from the first-person perspective and the health of the players is displayed at the bottom-left section of the display whereas the available ammunition is shown at the bottom right end of the screen.

The names of killers and the gamers that have been killed keep appearing from time to time at the right end of the display.


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