Counter-Strike is a multiplayer first-person shooter in which a team of terrorists must perpetrate an act of terror while a team of counter-terrorist must prevent it. The first game was released in November of 2000.

The first Esports tournament was hosted in Dallas in 2001 it was the Cyber athlete Professional League Winter Championship the prize pool was $150.000. in 2012 the release of Counter Strike-Global offensive (CS:GO) changed the competitive scene of Counter-Strike. ESL and Valve have created the ESL Pro Tour where there are 3 different levels of competition. Everybody can compete in the ESEA League System or the ESL National Championship and reach the Master Level. Every year there are two final tournaments the  ESL and the IEM Katowice.

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League of Legends (LOL)

The best-known esports at the moment are definitely League of Legends, created 11 years ago by Riots. LOL is one of the 2 Massive Online Battle Arenas (MOBAs) that dominates the world of Esports. Since it started, there have been something like 2400 events and a total prize pool of around $ 73. This is a game where Asians dominate, especially in South Korea this game has had a resounding success. Do you think that in the top 25 of the best LOL players only 1 is not Asian.

If we talk about “active” players at the moment we consider something like 8 million players worldwide. Less than Fortnite but definitely more than any other PC game. Riot, League of Legends developers, created a well-developed esports infrastructure that includes local national leagues and a large number of potential sponsors and investors. Riot even pay salaries to each professional player individually if they participate in local leagues or huge tournaments.  

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Overwatch is the eSport game more played and watched in the last years. The Overwatch League is made up of 20 teams that fight every weekend for the title that gives the winners $ 5 million. At the moment almost all the teams are made up of Americans and South Koreans but there are European teams too. Since the competition began, almost 22 million have gone on the prize. The most exciting competition to follow is the Overwatch league which starts in February and ends in August.

Blizzard announced the release of Overwatch 2 that should arrive before the end of 2020. What will happen then?

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Riot was the first to believe strongly in Esports by launching League of Legends. A historical game but also a game that has been around for many years now. In 2019 Riot had announced the launch of another game Valorant, but nobody could have expected such a success.

Valorant, like LOL, is a free to play game only on PC, without loot box (a clear reference to Overwatch) where 2 teams made up of 5 agents, so they are called the players in the game. The environment is similar to that of CS: GO a team must bring the Spike (the bomb) to detonate while the other team must prevent it by eliminating the opposing team. There are 25 rounds of 100 seconds each, the first team to win 13 rounds wins the game.

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