Top esports games in 2020

Top esports games in 2020

When you think of Esports you don’t have to think of guys playing video games in their bedroom but of well-paid professionals who compete worldwide in the most important video games of the moment. There are international competitions that offer big prizes and these guys train every day for hours to participate in these tough competitions. But which are the Top Esports games in 2020?

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO)

It’s amazing to think that this game is over 8 years old. Yet despite this it is still one of the Top esports games in the 2020. Thanks to many constant updates and a myriad of events all year round. Along with traditional events such as the ESL Pro League and the Blast Premier there are many other competitions such as the Dream Hack. In 2019, the IEM Katowice major totaled 1.2 million views and a total prize pool of 1 million dollars. Did you know that since 2013 this game has had a total prize pool of $ 91 million.

League of Legends (LOL)

The best known esports at the moment is definitely League of Legends, created 11 years ago by Riots. LOL is one of the 2 Massive Online Battle Arenas (MOBAs) that dominates the world of Esports. Since it started, there have been something like 2400 events and a total prize pool of around $ 73. This is a game where Asians dominate, especially in South Korea this game has had a resounding success. Do you think that in the top 25 of the best LOL players only 1 is not Asian.


If we talk about “active” players at the moment we consider something like 8 million players worldwide. Less than Fortnite but definitely more than any other PC game.

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Perhaps this is the most popular game among non-Esports experts. Someone may not even know that Fortnite is an Esports and yet in the last 2 years alone $ 80 million has been won in prize pools. Compared to CS: GO and LOL Fortnite is very young, having been born in September 2017 but immediately became one of the top esports games in 2020. Last year there was the biggest event ever the Fortnite World Cup in New York. This year the World Cup has unfortunately been canceled by Epic Games. How many play Fortnite? There is no official number, but there were 250 million registered users last year.


Dota 2 in the Top esports games is the rival of League of Legends. Dota 2 was made ago Valve while Lol was created by Riots also this is a Massive Online Battle Arenas (MOBAs). If League of Legends is hugely popular in Asia, Dota 2 is more played in the United States and Europe. Dota 2 is the Esports with the highest prize pool compared to all other games, this is determined by the game’s subsidy system. The jackpot was $ 34.3 million last year.

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Despite a much higher prize pool than other Esports, the number of players is much lower than the competitors. In fact, we speak only 400 thousand players.

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Call of Duty

One of the few Esports played exclusively on Console is Call of Duty. An Activision game that is now fixed annually and therefore forces all players every October to study the new game. Like Ovewatch COD it has a franchise-based system. There are 12 teams in 12 different locations. Every 2 weeks there is a championship day in the different cities. The total prize pool is $ 6 million per year.


The game that dominates the top Esports games in 2020 is Overwatch. The Overwatch league is made up of 20 teams that fight every weekend for the title that gives the winners $ 5 million. At the moment almost all the teams are made up of Americans and South Koreans. Since the competition began, almost 22 million have gone on prize. The most exciting competition to follow is the Overwatch league which starts in February and ends in August. This is also the league where you bet the most. Ovewatch 2 should arrive soon who knows if we will continue to play this game or will we definitely move on to 2?

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Sports games

Sports Esports are also growing rapidly, surely helped by Covid-19 many sports fans have poured into the online version of their passion. Madden 20 is one of the most expanding Esports but we must not forget FIFA 20 which has grown a lot in the last year.

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