The Bad Start Of EU Powerhouses Fnatic & G2 Esports

The Bad Start Of EU Powerhouses

Let’s start this argument with the current team standings of the League of Legends European Championships (LEC) 2020. The first thing that catches is the eye is that Rogue and MAD Lions sit at the top of the table. We are aware that the season has just started but, still G2 and Fnatic sit in the middle of the table. It is shocking to see that since the two sides have dominated the competitive landscape and the community expects them to deliver exceptional results. But despite being the biggest League of Legends organizations in the EU, something is wrong, and in this article, we will figure out what it is.

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What is going on with Fnatic?

Ever since the start of the split, Fnatic has displayed questionable gameplay. When we see their matches, they look like they are not sure what to do. It is a curse and blessing for the team that they can play around any player. Time after time, they have changed their playmaker, from Rekkles to Nemesis, to Selfmade, to Hylissang, and lastly to Selfmade. However, at the moment, they seem to be quite uncertain about who to follow. We believe that they will have to focus on just one player at the moment to find some wins in the league. They just need to change things around a bit, and we are confident that the team will find the missing piece of the puzzle.

Burned out G2 Esports?

‘G2Vacation’ meme is perfect for the team. Since the French side is known to take its LEC games for granted. They like to have fun and lose games to small teams. They deserve to slack around since the team works hard all year long and achieves remarkable results. We have seen Pyke, Garen flexes, and also witnessed some “unimaginable” tactics. But right now, it seems like they are finding it hard to get wins. Even though Caps display decent performances, Perkz is having a tough time adapting to the bottom lane. His performances are satisfactory, but this is not what you expect from one of the top players in the League. Both him and Mickeyx have been displaying poor performances, and their opponents know that. G2 is currently leaving plenty of room for other teams to come back in games they are leading from the start. It seems they acknowledge that Perkz has decided to temporarily step down from the first team to take a break from the game, paving the way for the substitute, Pinoy to compete in the 4th week of the LEC.


If you are a fan of Fnatic or G2 then we can tell you with confidence that you have nothing to worry about. Both are brilliant teams and hold even better rosters but currently, they are experiencing some anomalies which should be taken care of as the goes on. Both teams know that the expectations are high, and they have all the man-power to meet them.

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