Schalke 04 leaves LEC

Schalke 04 leaves LEC

The surprising news comes from Germany: Schalke 04 leaves LEC. Schalke 04 are in talks to give up their place in the LEC. The same club confirmed the news to Esports Observer. Already last March we wrote that Schalke 04 would probably be forced to give up his place in the LEC.

Schalke 04 leaves the LEC, the reason? The club’s relegation to Bundesliga 2. Schalke 04 is a German club that finished last in Bundesliga 1, the German Serie A football team. With the relegation the club will lose a lot of money and with the economic crisis due to Covid-19 the situation was already not prosperous. But now that the relegation has become official, the club must try to recover money to try to return to the Bundesliga and above all not end up bankrupt.

For this reason, already in March, there was talk of a possibility that Schalke 04 could leave the LEC. Schalke 04 Esports Managing Director Tim Reichert said “There is no official decision but you will certainly have more news in 10-14 days”. Schalke 04 had done very well in LEC Spring 2021, even finishing fourth and above Fnatic. This is why losing the team would be a hard blow.

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Also because after the result obtained in the LEC Spring 2021 in the LEC Summer 2021 we could expect an even more important placement and above all to be able to qualify for the Worlds 2021.

Schalke 04 leaves LEC because according to BILD the club hopes to obtain a figure of 36.5 million dollars from this sale. A significant amount that would allow the club to adjust the budget. According to the German newspaper, there are various investors ready to take over the League of Legends team. After all, the LEC is one of the most followed LOL championships in the world, more and more sponsors are entering the world of eSports.

Schalke 04 leaves LEC and it is a shame because the German club was the only European football team to have a team in the LEC, all the others are in minor leagues while PSG has a partnership with Talon and plays in the PCS League. Certainly at a time when eSports are growing, leaving the LEC would be a move against the trend. But the core business of Schalke 04 is football and it is also true that at the moment the LOL teams are increasing their revenues but they are not yet, in Europe, at the same figures as the football teams.

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